BTS Sukhumvit Line: Samrong Extension

On Nut and Bearing are now downgraded to the ranks of an intermediate station with the new BTS extension to Samrong! The new Samrong station is one of nine stations under the BTS Sukhumvit Line’s Bearing – Samut Prakan extension, which was sped up to better serve the community at Samrongnuea. The remaining eight stations to Kheha are expected to open next year.

The full length of the dynamic route map by CRRC Changchun, now rendered insufficient.

Samrong is served by a sticker instead of a lighted route map.

A new LED screen installed at Bearing. It may be due to some trains still terminating at Bearing to provide empty trains to pick up passengers there during peak hours, but I’m not 100% sure.

The full-red dynamic route map as the train travels ahead to Samrong.

Quite a healthy crowd to Samrong considering that I got this shot at around 11pm at night. Most of the passengers still got off at Bearing though.

Welcome to Samrong!

Samrong BTS Station is also the only non-cross-platform-interchange station with an island platform.

An off-service Siemens Modular Metro stabling at Samrong.

The updated route map at Samrong, featuring the extension to Kheha.

The interior of the now-empty train back to the city and to Mo Chit.

The switched-off dynamic route map just before departure from Samrong.

The almost-full green dymanic route map before and upon arrival at Bearing. (The map would be blinking red at Bearing on the way there.)

While the new extension seems to be targeting more on the neighbourhoods, you can still alight at Samrong to visit Imperial World Samrong, a big local shopping mall away from the tourist prices. But since I made the trip at 11pm, I didn’t get to see it for myself.


  1. Well, at least, it has allowed the tourists to come closer to Ancient City and Erawan Shrine though

  2. Very good article. I followed the Samut Prakan extension with Google Street View. Very impressive piece of work.

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