Cafe Plataku (カフェ プラたく): Plarail Cafe with Diorama in Tokyo

Cafe Plataku 001

Cafe Plataku (カフェ プラたく)

In a typical Japanese neighbourhood of Takasago, for Plarail lovers, Cafe Plataku (カフェ プラたく) is pretty much a dream coming to life. With many themed cafes in Japan, it was only a matter of time for someone to come up with a Plarail cafe, and Cafe Plataku does it really well.


Cafe Plataku 006

This is the first sight that you will see when entering Cafe Plataku.

Cafe Plataku 016

The towering diorama sits near the entrance alongside some dining tables, along with a Tokyo Skytree model.

Cafe Plataku 014Cafe Plataku 015

The diorama even extends around the roof of the cafe with clear acrylic bases for a good view of the passing trains.

Plarail Display

Cafe Plataku 037

Rare trains are also on display, not running on the diorama.

Cafe Plataku 007

Other trains are also displayed on the walls around.

Cafe Plataku 041

Various Tobu Railway Plarail on display.


Cafe Plataku 048

Cafe Plataku has a nice collection of rare Plarail monorails too. Here’s the Tokyo Monorail 10000 series.

Cafe Plataku 049

A green Disney Resort Line Monorail.

Cafe Plataku 050

A paper model of the cab car of the Tama Toshi Monorail.

Cafe Plataku 051

The Shonan Monorail, the first suspended monorail in Japan.

Outside of Japan

Cafe Plataku 042

Cafe Plataku has a nice collection of non-Japanese Plarail too, which is considered to be rare in Japan as they are not allowed to be sold there despite being a Japanese brand. Here’s the rare Bangkok BTS Siemens Modular Metro.

Cafe Plataku 043

A Hong Kong MTR M-Train.

Cafe Plataku 044

A Taiwan Puyuma Express TEMU2000.

Children’s Play Area

Cafe Plataku 046

For kids, there is a separate play area for, you guessed it, Plarail.

Cafe Plataku 047

The actual toys in use are of a mix of brands though.

Cafe Plataku 026

A local kid playing with wooden block trains.

Cafe Plataku 003

Parts also come from various sources such as Daiso.

Cafe Plataku 004

The play area is by the rare trains display, but I guess Japanese kids don’t crash into structures unlike every other non-Japanese kid in the world.


Cafe Plataku 018

Not many would say this of a dining establishment, but you could say that the toilet is the highlight of Cafe Plataku.

Cafe Plataku 019

A long forgotten series of Plarail, the Plarail Hikarian Railroad was a short-lived anime which ran in 1997 and ceased shortly after. These were the first generation of convertible Plarail models into characters.

Cafe Plataku 020

Plarail Advance can also be seen at the side while you do your business.

Cafe Plataku 021

Some normal Shinkansen models can be seen on top, with a strange chrome 200 series 6-car train which I’ve not seen before.

Cafe Plataku 022

The sink isn’t spared from the Plarail displays too.

Cafe Plataku 017

Modern Plarail models skirt around the sink pipes, cleverly covering it.

Cafe Plataku 023

Progressing generations of commuter trains are above the mirror.

Cafe Plataku 025

An article of Cafe Plataku in a railway magazine.

Cafe Plataku 024

The owner has also provided a map of attractions and other food options in the vicinity.


Cafe Plataku 008

Time to head to a table to dine in the cafe, since it does function as a food establishment after all.

Cafe Plataku 027

A sweet blue Plarail drink which I ordered by pointing to the picture on the menu (and the プラレール word helped).

Cafe Plataku 028

A tomato-based spaghetti which tastes sweet too.

Cafe Plataku 029

My meal at Cafe Plataku with a side of second-hand coaches.

Cafe Plataku 031

For dessert, I ordered the Keikyu special of milk ice cream with chocolate and sweet slices.

Plarail Sales

Cafe Plataku 009

For all Plarail fans, one of they key pillars of the hobby is to spend money on trains, and Cafe Plataku provides this (painful) experience as well.

Cafe Plataku 012

There is regular Plarail hung on the wall like a normal shop.

Cafe Plataku 011

Below it, there are tubs of used Plarail trains and parts which you can pick up for a much cheaper price.

Cafe Plataku 005Cafe Plataku 032

Hung on the wall shelf are more expensive Plarail based on quality or rarity for non-kid collectors.

Cafe Plataku 033

Some come without boxes, and their value may have appreciated or depreciated, depending on how rare they are.

Cafe Plataku 034

Needless to say, the Eurostar costs more than other trains.

Cafe Plataku 035

An out-of-production Narita Express 253 series and the Yamanote Line 205 series also fetch a higher price than the Keihin-Tohoku Line 205 series without the box.

Cafe Plataku 036

The rare Keihin-Tohoku Line 209 series fetches a very dear price of ¥8,800.

Cafe Plataku 038

A chrome Yamanote Line 205 series with no price tag. I didn’t ask for the price though, but it’s probably just for display considering the rarity.

Tomica Sales

Cafe Plataku 039

A small selection of used Tomica is also available.

Cafe Plataku-made Items

Cafe Plataku 040

Cafe Plataku has also made some Plarail keychains with actual Plarail Advance or Plarail McDonald’s Happy Meal train cars. In-house paper models of elevated stations are also available for sale.


Cafe Plataku 013

Once done with your meal and shopping, head to the cashier for payment. Cafe Plataku accepts cash only.

Cafe Plataku 045

The rare Plarail Evolta Battery Railway 99 Series sits on top of the cashier viaducts.

Cafe Plataku 052

If that Plarail experience still isn’t enough, Cafe Plataku offers Capsule Plarail Gashapon outside the cafe too, in case you would like a last Plarail purchase.

Cafe Plataku is a must-visit for every Plarail lover if one comes to Tokyo, or for anyone with kids as they will be able to entertain themselves while waiting for kid-friendly food. If you are a Plarail collector though, do come with a budget in mind or you might find yourself buying a whole shelf of trains on your visit.

Address: 3-chōme-8-16 Takasago, Katsushika City, Tōkyō-to 125-0054, Japan
Google Maps:

Operating Hours:
Thursday – Tuesday
10.00am – 6.00pm
Closed on Wednesdays

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