Day 3: Covering the Tanjung Priok – Gambir Stretch by KRL

In the morning, I set off from my hotel to cover the rail lines that would have been otherwise skipped if I had concentrated solely on the long-distance routes.

Since I was early for the Tanjung Priok train, I opted to clear the portion to Gambir first.

The new consist of the JR 203 Series in a 10-car formation with two cab cars facing each other in the middle of the train.

Exploring the KRL with the new Tokyo Metro 05 Series design on the Kartu Multi Trip.

Passing by Monumen Nasional or MONAS.

Entering Gambir.

The train stopped at Gambir for almost an hour to clear the line thanks to an earlier fire at Klender throwing all trains off schedule.

Other KRL trains waiting at Gambir.

Finally, the Argo Bromo Anggrek Pagi arrived for boarding half an hour late. My train was probably just giving way to this train as it had a higher priority.

Departing Gambir after almost an hour.

By this time, I had missed my Tanjung Priok train at Jakarta Kota already.

The old route map still on this train which is not updated with the extension to Rangkasbitung, though the minimum value to enter the system with the KMT and Bank Card is updated with a sticker.

Heading back to Jakarta Kota from Manggarai.

An earlier train to Jakarta Kota which I opted to miss to get this shot.

The train jam at Gondangdia to pass through Gambir.

Passing by Gambir, thankfully without stopping.

The interior of the Tokyo Metro 6000 Series.

Entering Jakarta Kota together with the train from Tanjung Priok.

A better shot of the Tokyo Metro 6000 Series interior.

The Tokyo Metro 6000 series at Jakarta Kota.

Jakarta Kota – Gambir – Manggarai – Gambir – Jakarta Kota: Completed

The train to Tanjung Priok ready for passengers.

The old signal cabin at Jakarta Kota.

The branch to the lower platforms of Kampung Bandan.

The upper platforms of Kampung Bandan.

On the way to Ancol.

The reopened Ancol station.

On the way to Tanjung Priok.

The old signal cabin of Tanjung Priok.

Arriving at Tanjung Priok.

The interior of the KRL i9000 or KRL KfW.

Arrived back at Tanjung Priok.

Seems like I was just here yesterday. Oh wait.

Heading back to Jakarta Kota.

Stopping back at Ancol.

The Jakarta Kota depot, with the new K10 bogie coaches stabling inside. A preview to my next leg of my journey.

The new Jakarta Kota signal cabin.

Arrived back at Jakarta Kota.

Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok – Jakarta Kota: Completed

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