Day 3: Megabus from London to Sheffield

My first actual overland journey was done by bus. Of course, rail travel would be a lot more better but there were track closures on that day, resulting in a bus transfer anyway. Furthermore, the bus ticket on that day was a lot more cheaper than a train ticket with bus transfer.

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Megabus is a major bus operator in the United Kingdom and parts of the European Union, offering cheap travel with fares for many destinations starting from £1. Its operating model is similar with budget airlines.

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The bus departs from Victoria Coach Station in London, 300 meters away from Victoria Station on the London Underground.

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On board the Megabus. 2+2 seat configuration seems to be the norm in the UK and Europe in general, but I may be wrong. It was not the most comfortable intercity bus ride, especially with the typical Malaysian standard being 2+1, but nevertheless, reasonable for the price I paid and the facilities provided.

Buses come with power sockets, free WiFi and a toilet on the lower deck. The buses also run ticketless, so just show up with your booking ID, whether by printing it or showing your confirmation email on your mobile phone. Megabus does not allow you to pre-book your seat though, so queue early if you would want to grab your favourite seat as seats are first come first served.

On my journey however, the air-conditioning was not working and the heater could not be turned off, resulting in a really hot bus ride even when the weather is 1 degree outside. Many passengers headed downstairs where cold air was coming in through gaps in the door and the driver’s window for a more comfortable temperature.

The sole of my sneakers even melted and then cracked after the ride when I rested on the side radiator which I didn’t know was turned on.

London to Singapore Day 3 02

The Megabus stops at Meadowhall Interchange in Sheffield where you could catch a train to Sheffield itself, but unfortunately, there aren’t any trains running on that particular day. We had to make our own onward travel arrangements from the bus terminal.

Would I take Megabus again? For the price, I would say yes. I paid £5.50 plus £0.50 booking fee, so £6 (S$ 12) for a 264km ride seems pretty fair to me. Hopefully the air-conditioning will work if I ever return and get a Megabus journey though.


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