Day 4: CrossCountry from York to Sheffield

Returning back to Sheffield, I took a similar route with CrossCountry as part of a return ticket. This would be the only journey on this trip with a repetitive route on a repetitive train.

London to Singapore Day 4 35

York station is just in front of the National Railway Museum. There is a shortcut through the car park.

London to Singapore Day 4 36

Back on the Class 221 Super Voyager.

London to Singapore Day 4 37

The menu from the refreshment trolley pushed down the aisle of the train.

London to Singapore Day 4 38

Another on-time arrival at Sheffield. Trains are barely late in the UK, and if they are delayed for 30 minutes or more, you are eligible for a refund through travel vouchers or cheque.

London to Singapore Day 4 39

The facade of Sheffield railway station.

I had originally planned to spend the next day solely at Sheffield, but I had to make an impromptu trip back to London for a few hours to pick up my Belarus visa as there is no same-day service in London, so the legs here will be pretty rushed for the next two days. Stay tuned!


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