Day 5: London

After collecting my Belarus visa, I started my last sightseeing of London before I head back to Sheffield later in the afternoon.

London to Singapore Day 5 01

The Albert Memorial is located in Kensington Gardens, in memory of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria.

London to Singapore Day 5 02

Just across the road from it is the famous Royal Albert Hall. Not that there were any concerts in the day time though, just walked past it to see the exterior of it.

London to Singapore Day 5 03

Next, a visit to Harrods in Knightsbridge. Not that I bought anything from here either. Each department is within a room, so it’s a little different from the department stores you could be used to here. There are 330 departments in the store, with excellent food halls on the ground floor.

London to Singapore Day 5 04London to Singapore Day 5 05London to Singapore Day 5 06

I then got on the Tube to Camden for a final walkaround and a quick lunch before I headed back.

London to Singapore Day 5 07

Northern Line from Camden Town to King’s Cross St. Pancras to catch my train back.

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