Day 6: Perum DAMRI Denpasar

After checking-in to my hotel and a simple upsized Mi Goreng lunch in an unnamed warung because I haven’t had breakfast, I headed back to the Perum DAMRI Denpasar to try to get my final train ticket back, since I forgot to ask the driver for it when I got off the bus earlier that day.

The staff inside this office were wondering why I’d like to keep that piece of orange paper so much so I explained to them about my trip. Well, they couldn’t give me my ticket back so that their paperwork is in correct order, but they allowed me a final photo of my KA Mutiara Timur Malam ticket before they sent their document for processing.

Oh well, better than nothing.

After that, I asked if there was any information I could take a photo of of the Trans Sarbagita or any other bus services from the Perum DAMRI, but they didn’t have any, though there were some service information they told me verbally.

When I requested to take pictures in the depot though, their response was along the lines of “Do whatever you want – you came this far.” Loving Bali hospitality already.

Below are some information I sourced from the Perum DAMRI.

Trans Sarbagita Buses

The Trans Sarbagita is an open-system bus rapid transit (BRT) in Denpasar, operating on two main routes serving the main trunk roads in the city. It is, however, not very popular among the locals and as such, information about this bus service and service frequencies are very limited.

Tangible information such as maps from the Perum DAMRI itself is also not available, though the staff were very willing to verbally guide me along to the nearest bus halt about 20 minutes by foot away (no thanks).

I had wanted to do up a Trans Sarbagita service information page like what I did for the Trans Batam, but the bus never came. More in my next post.

DAMRI Intercity Buses

The only intercity service served by DAMRI from here is the Denpasar – Banyuwangi – Jember route, using buses converted out of the Trans Sarbagita buses – an opposite of the usual practice of BRT buses converted from regular buses. Probably a significant mark of the low ridership the Trans Sarbagita faces. Unfortunately, freedom in the depot doesn’t mean I get the keys to the bus so no interior shots of these converted buses.

An old route from Denpasar to Surabaya is now rationalized to the Mutiara Timur Malam bus-ferry-train service using DAMRI PT KAI buses.


While considered a train service, there is clearly no railway on Bali island and the DAMRI PT KAI buses acts as a relay for passengers on the KA Mutiara Timur Malam to get to Banyuwangi Baru railway station in East Java where the actual train runs. This is the most feasible overland way to get to Surabaya. You still buy a train ticket from Denpasar to Surabaya though, not a bus ticket.

Do note that this service is only available for the KA Mutiara Timur Malam night pair of trains between Surabaya Gubeng and Banyuwangi Baru. There is no through ticket sold on the day pair of trains, neither does this service exist.

PT KAI Train Ticket Booking Methods
For Eksekutif, Bisnis and Ekonomi AC only. All other tickets are only sold at stations where the train serves.

  • PT KAI counters
  • Online from PT KAI‘s ticketing website but foreign credit cards do not work
  • Online from – foreign credit cards accepted

Tickets are open for sale 30 to 90 days before departure, depending on train service.

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking

  • Klook (Get FREE $4.30*/RM12.90* voucher for your first purchase when you sign up here! *subject to exchange rate)

Once I was satisfied with my self-tour around the depot despite not getting my ticket back, I bade farewell to the friendly staff as they ushered in another off-service Trans Sarbagita bus, and went on to sight-see in Denpasar like a tourist.

Next post: Day 6: Sightseeing at Kota Denpasar


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