Flight Review – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL836 from Denpasar-Bali to Singapore by Boeing 777-300ER (Orange Pride Livery) – Day 7

After I got dropped off by my driver, I headed to get a trolley. In almost no time, one of the airport porter’s came to me smiling with one. Thinking that it was great service, I thanked him and almost took it when he said “$2 to bring inside”.

So I told him no thanks, grabbed myself another one from the two rows of like fifty trolleys each near the entrance and went on my way.

Heading into the terminal building.

There we go – my KLM flight KL836 from Denpasar to Amsterdam Schiphol! Going for an extended holiday from here.


Inside the terminal area. Just like most Indonesian international airports, this is the only “outside” place in the terminal as security is done before the check-in area.

Looking down at the arrivals level.

I was wondering why the terminal felt so spacious and airy, but at the same time hot.

Here’s a hint: Look at the thing above the flight information screens.

Yup, the entire outside area is non-air-conditioned.

Inside the air-conditioned check-in area after security.

Since I’ve already checked-in online, I headed straight for the baggage drop-off counter which had only 3 people ahead of me.

My boarding pass for the flight. This is my first personal flight ever since I left for London (with a working trip in between as an exception, but that was a return so it cancels itself out), so the journey from London has been fulfilled unbroken on land.

I know, I know, I flew to London with Garuda Indonesia but am now flying from Indonesia on a European airline. Well, I go with whatever is the cheapest.

My baggage tag attached to an information slip instead of just behind the boarding pass.

Gate 3 is where my flight will be departing from.

Time to head to the departure gates.

Hmm. A u-turn within the duty free shop.

Alright, Dufry is done, any time now.

Oh, a right turn?

Nope, another u-turn.

Where’s the gate already?

Oh finally, the exit of the maze to the departure gates. Did they hire IKEA to design this terminal or what?

From here, it’s a third a final u-turn to the gates.

Luckily, my Gate 3 is just up ahead.

Thankfully it’s not Gate 9B, I’m pretty bummed about the IKEA maze already.

My plane from Amsterdam and Singapore has arrived – and it’s the unique PH-BVA in KLM’s Orange Pride Livery.

Boarding was kind of a mess since the gate was so open and there’s no clear entrance to where the queue poles are.

This guy had to hold up the boarding zone numbers and check the boarding passes one by one.

Once that’s done, another check is done here before the descend to the aerobridge.

Oops, escalators are only on the left side.

Walking down to the plane.

Goodbye Bali.

Boarding the plane ahead.

This plane is a Boeing 777-300 in a 3-4-3 configuration in Economy Class. That’s right – 10 abreast on a long-haul Europe-Asia flight. I’m glad I’m just in this for 2.5 hours or so.

In the front of the Economy cabin, there are a few rows of Economy Comfort, which is little more than extra legroom, similar to what Scoot does in their 787. Come to think of it, did KLM take heed from Scoot to design the cabin in such a way?

The headrest of Economy Comfort, with its namesake printed on it.

The legroom of Economy Comfort.

Back in the real Economy Class where I belong.

Seated rather comfortably in my seat. I wouldn’t want to be in here to Amsterdam though.

A shot of the cabin from behind before it gets filled to the brim.

The legroom of the normal Economy Class. Maybe that space in Economy Comfort is worth it if you’re going to Amsterdam.

Flying back to Singapore, looking back at my journey for the past week.

Yup, I took 7 days to get from Singapore to Denpasar airport and now on a 2.5 hour flight back.

The meal served on the Denpasar – Singapore sector. Only one choice was available: chicken with rice. It tastes quite alright, though I was kind of looking forward to some Dutch food or snacks.

The cleared out cabin at Singapore where all passengers have to disembark and board again for security and cleaning purposes.

Back on home soil.

Making my way to Amsterdam.

Goodbye everyone.

And back to the only place in the world where you can get from the plane to the taxi in 10 minutes including immigration and baggage reclaim even if you’re at the last gate of the pier – Changi Airport. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve that record because I made that certain detour to DFS.

Not a very inspiring end to this trip at the airport, but I’m glad I’ve achieved London to Bali overland.

Now, it’s back to sane travels.


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