FlixTrain FLX35 1341 from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to Berlin Ostkreuz by Train

FlixTrain FLX35 1341 from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to Berlin Ostkreuz

FlixTrain is a German open-access operator offering affordable long-distance train services. It is a subsidiary of Flix SE which also owns FlixBus, and sells train tickets through the FlixBus platform. I’ve always wanted to try out FlixTrain since they started to see how a private company can compete with a national railway, and with their old rolling stock offering a different interior within the rake. All their coaches have been refurbished though, but low fares remain and I paid just €14.99 for this journey from Hamburg to Berlin.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

The façade of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

Heading into Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

Wandelhalle Hamburg is the foyer of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof which has shopping and food outlets. No food is available on board the FlixTrain, so eat something before your train or buy something to bring on board.

My FlixTrain FLX35 1341 would be departing from Platform 11. FlixTrain FLX35 1341 is the train number and not the departure time, which is 1.09pm.

Heading down to Platform 11.

A DSB train bound for Copenhagen Central Station was at Platform 11 first.

Once it departed, the information screen showed my FlixTrain FLX35 1341 bound for Berlin Ostkreuz.

The stopping position was also indicated on a board on the platform.

FlixTrain FLX35 1341

My arriving FlixTrain FLX35 1341 from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to Berlin Ostkreuz.

Ah, clearly the stopping position was not accurate at all.

The coaches are bright green in line with the FlixTrain branding.

METRANS Class 383 Siemens Vectron MS electric locomotive 383 402-5 would be operating on my FlixTrain FLX35 1341. While FlixTrain owns their coaches, they do not have locomotives, and need to rent it from another company.

The refurbished FlixTrain coaches look quite flushed, unlike when random coaches were used when first launched.

Boarding my FlixTrain FLX35 1341

Rigid steps close up the gap from the low platform up to the train.

The interior of the FlixTrain coach. Only 1 class of standard seating is available.

On first look, the legroom looks a bit lesser than other trains.

However, when seated, the legroom was just fine.

A fold-down tray table is provided at seat backs.

A 2-pin EU power socket and 2 USB power sockets are available under each pair of seats.

The overhead luggage space is also quite tall and spacious.

My FlixTrain FLX35 1341 departed from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof on time at 1.09pm.

The door closes with a flap platform blocking the gap down to the steps for safety.

Bicycle storage is also available by the side of train doors.

The day time train ride was quite bright with the sun shining through the windows and the many lights installed on the ceiling.

Clean toilets are available on board.

There’s also a huge mirror installed.

Toilet windows are frosted for privacy.

The FlixTrain branding is seen throughout the train.

Car 100 is the wheelchair-accessible car.

Generous space is available for passengers-in-wheelchair who have indicated assistance.

The rest of the interior is the same as the other train cars.

The wrong destination sign was indicated here though, with my FlixTrain FLX35 1341 using the east-west line instead of the north-south line.

The wheelchair-accessible toilet was unacceptably out of service, though thankfully there were no passengers-in-wheelchair on board.

Stopping at a signal to allow an ICE train to overtake before following behind it.

The FlixTrain FLX35 1341 operates non-stop from Hamburg to Berlin which was quite boring though it means a faster train ride.


Making a brief stop at Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Passing through Berlin Zoologischer Garten.

Approaching Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Making a longer stop at Berlin Hauptbahnhof with more passenger movements.

Most of the train alighted at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, giving me an empty train car to photograph.

Without passengers in seats, the striking bright green FlixTrain branding is even more obvious.

Seats do not align to windows, with slightly more than 2 rows for each window, so no set full window pattern is available.

Windows towards the ends of the coach can also be opened for ventilation.

Departing from Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

The most iconic tower in Berlin is Alex, which can be seen from the train.

Passing by the Berliner Dom.

Passing by a Berlin tram.

Approaching Alexanderplatz.

Passing by Alexanderplatz.

Approaching Berlin Ostkreuz.

Berlin Ostkreuz

My FlixTrain FLX35 1341 arrived at Berlin Ostkreuz at 4.21pm – 8 minutes delayed.

The METRANS branding on the Class 383 Siemens Vectron MS electric locomotive.

The bright green FlixTrain branding on the coaches.

Heading up the escalator to continue my journey on the S-Bahn.

There is a big transfer concourse above the lower platforms and below the upper platforms for easy transferring between perpendicular platforms.

Tickets for local Belrin transport can be purchased from ticket machines around.

Remember to validate your ticket at the validator before boarding. While there are no ticket gates, frequent checks are on board which will result in a fine if you do not have a valid ticket.

My validated 24-Hour Berlin AB Ticket to get around Berlin.


FlixTrain is a game-changer in rail travel in Germany offering low fares at the price of a bus ticket with the comforts of a train. From Hamburg, the FlixTrain route east-west in Berlin takes around the same time as the bus, but the north-south route in Berlin using Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief) will shave off about 1 hour of the journey time, due to the different railway lines the FlixTrain takes. Also, the train stations in Berlin are a lot more convenient than Central Bus Station Berlin (ZOB), which is located outside the city on the Ringbahn.

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