GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020 • New Bus Technology On Public Exhibition

GIICOMVEC 2020 001

The GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020 was a Business to Business (B2B) exhibition specialized in the commercial vehicle and its supporting industries to encourage commercial vehicle manufacturers to meet the changing needs of commercial vehicle users and to accelerate the business growth in the infrastructure, logistics productivity, distribution, and trade in Indonesia. Held at Hall A, Hall B & Cendrawasih Hall of Jakarta Convention Center, out of the 4-day trade exhibition held from 5 to 8 March 2020, the last day was opened to the general public for free. Since I was in Jakarta during that time, I opted to go check out the buses in the exhibition.

PO. Adhi Putra Mercedes-Benz OH 1626 L Laksana Legacy SR2 Suites Class Bus

GIICOMVEC 2020 002

To kick-start the visit, there was a static display of PO. Adhi Putra’s newly-purchased Suites Class bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 018

The SOLD sticker on the windscreen by Mercedes-Benz for PO. Adhi Putra.

GIICOMVEC 2020 003

The welcome sign to check out the new luxurious way of travelling around Indonesia.

GIICOMVEC 2020 004

The welcome die-cut nameplate of Suites Class.

GIICOMVEC 2020 005

The driving console on board the bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 006GIICOMVEC 2020 014

The interior of the Suites Class bus comes in a 1+1 formation with a middle aisle, with double-deck individual sleeping berths. A total of 21 sleeping berths are available, 11 upper berths and 10 lower berths. The front 2 upper berths and 2 lower berths are designated as VIP Suites with more space.

GIICOMVEC 2020 008

The regular Suites Class upper berth.

GIICOMVEC 2020 009

The regular Suites Class upper berth.

The sleeper seats can be reclined till approximately 140 degrees.

GIICOMVEC 2020 011

There is a personal entertainment screen for each Suite, with a gap below to slot in your legs under the person’s reclined seat in front.

GIICOMVEC 2020 015

For the 4 VIP Suites at the front of the bus, since there is no need for the additional cubby with no sleeping berth in front, there is more breathing space and even a bigger actual TV screen for personal entertainment.

GIICOMVEC 2020 016

USB chargers and storage slots for a drink and other personal items are found on the armrest towards the window.

GIICOMVEC 2020 017

Aircon vents and reading light controls are provided on the top of the sleeping berth. I’m not sure what the “STOP” button actually does though, since this is an express bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 010

A toilet is available at the rear of the bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 019

The corporate advertisement panel of the Legacy SR2 Suites Class by Laksana.

Scania Trans Jawa Demonstrator Bus

GIICOMVEC 2020 012

There is also a demonstrator bus by Scania and United Tractors for how the new Trans Jawa buses might look like with a new premium.

GIICOMVEC 2020 013

The interior of the demonstrator bus. Notice that he seats are wider than normal despite the 2+2 configuration, and there is a slimmer aisle. The toilet is located on the lower area in the middle of the bus by the exit door.

Registration at Cendrawasih Hall Jakarta Convention Center

GIICOMVEC 2020 020

While the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020 offers free entry on the public day, registration is still required like a regular ticketed convention.

GIICOMVEC 2020 021

Manual forms are available at the “fill in counters”.

GIICOMVEC 2020 023

Once done with filling up my form and queuing at the registration counter, I was given a nice lanyard for entry into the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020.

GIICOMVEC 2020 022

My barcode on the lanyard is scanned upon entry.

GIICOMVEC 2020 024

Heading into the exhibition hall.

GIICOMVEC 2020 Hall A Jakarta Convention Center

GIICOMVEC 2020 025

The map of all exhibitors at the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020 on display before the entrance.

GIICOMVEC 2020 026

The first view of the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020.

PT. Adiputro Wirasejati

GIICOMVEC 2020 027

The first bus booth in Hall A was PT. Adiputro Wirasejati.

GIICOMVEC 2020 028

On display were 4 buses of different makes.

GIICOMVEC 2020 029

PT. Adiputro Wirasejati or Adi Putro is a carrosserie company, so they do many types of bus bodies and fittings, rather than just being dedicated to one manufacturer.

Jackal Holidays Mercedes-Benz OF 917

GIICOMVEC 2020 030

A Jackal Holidays Mercedes-Benz OF 917 tour bus on display.

Pandawa 87-GAG Volvo B11R

GIICOMVEC 2020 031

A high-deck Pandawa 87-GAG Volvo B11R tour bus on display.

GIICOMVEC 2020 032

The luggage hold is really tall to, thanks to the high deck.

GIICOMVEC 2020 033

The interior of the high-deck Pandawa 87-GAG Volvo B11R tour bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 034

Despite being in a 2+2 seating configuration, the seats are a little bit wider with the narrow aisle, and it comes with calf rests as well.

GIICOMVEC 2020 035

With the calf rest fully propped up though, there isn’t much space to place your legs below the seat in front of you.

GIICOMVEC 2020 036

Coffee facilities are available in the lounge at the rear of the tour bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 037GIICOMVEC 2020 038

The lounge area at the rear of the tour bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 039GIICOMVEC 2020 040

The huge cargo compartment, more than enough to store a spare tyre upright. I wonder what kind of tour would require this though. Maybe a motorcycling group?

Regency Transport Bus Seats

GIICOMVEC 2020 041

Opposite the Adi Putro booth, there is Regency Transport where a selection of bus seats are on display, if you are a bus company and want to buy new seats for your new bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 042

How the sleeper seat on Suites Class and sleeper room buses look like with all the frills stripped down, with just the seat alone. The seat back can be reclined from an upright position to a sleeping position.

Suzuki Carry Angkutan Umum (Angkot)

GIICOMVEC 2020 043

An interesting sight at the Suzuki pavilion, they are selling brand new Suzuki Carry Angkots. Perhaps there’s a new market for this traditional mode of transport with the Jak Lingko programme.

GIICOMVEC 2020 044GIICOMVEC 2020 045

The typical simple interior of the angkot.

GIICOMVEC 2020 046

Keeping with the current simple standard, the dashboard is simple with a radio and ventilation fans installed.

GIICOMVEC 2020 047

The other booths are unfortunately empty as almost everyone was just there for buses.

PT. Bahana Selaras / Baze Luxury Bus Designer

GIICOMVEC 2020 049

There is also another company, PT. Bahana Selaras but marketed as Baze, doing bus seats.

GIICOMVEC 2020 050

A selection of bus seats on display.

GIICOMVEC 2020 051

More interestingly are the luxury bus seats that Baze has to offer. These look familiar as they are already running in Malaysia and Thailand, but would be a new product in Indonesia if a bus company there would like to give it a shot.


GIICOMVEC 2020 052

Another familiar brand, Toyota was in the expo as well.

Toyota HiAce Public Transport Concept

GIICOMVEC 2020 053

Probably wanting a share of the Jak Lingko pie, Toyota has came up with a Toyota HiAce Public Transport Concept using an existing Toyota HiAce to confirm to Indonesia mini transport standards. The most obvious addition is the destination sign on top of the HiAce.

GIICOMVEC 2020 055GIICOMVEC 2020 054

There is still a door on the HiAce though, as compared with the normal angkot as exhibited by Suzuki.

GIICOMVEC 2020 056

The interior of the Toyota HiAce Public Transport Concept.

GIICOMVEC 2020 057

The still seats 13 passengers in the main compartment, so I’m not sure if it’s a bit pointless to change the layout to a longitudinal seating with lesser legroom than to maintain the existing 13-seater longitudinal layout.

GIICOMVEC 2020 058

Spacious and comfort? Let’s give it a try.

GIICOMVEC 2020 059

The legroom available on the Toyota HiAce Public Transport Concept when seated in my normal angkot position.

GIICOMVEC 2020 060

The legroom when seating normally assuming that there is no passenger in front of me.

As you can see, comfort isn’t a thing on the Toyota HiAce Public Transport Concept unfortunately. I think a regular 13-seater Toyota HiAce would be more comfortable with no one intruding in front of you. Sorry Toyota.

Toyota HiAce Premio

GIICOMVEC 2020 061

Probably a newcomer to Indonesia, there is a variation of the HiAce, known as the Toyota HiAce Premio.

GIICOMVEC 2020 062

On first look, you can tell already that this isn’t for city public transport.

GIICOMVEC 2020 063

The Toyota HiAce Premio seats just 4 people comfortably, and 8 if the people on the premium seats are nice enough not to recline in to the poor 4 people crammed in the last row of seats.

Clearly this is meant to compete with the MPV market rather than public transport.

GIICOMVEC 2020 Hall B Jakarta Convention Center

GIICOMVEC 2020 064

Heading to Hall B which is just behind and connected to Hall A. On first impression, the displays here are already much bigger than the initial Hall A.

GIICOMVEC 2020 065

And true enough, almost every booth here has static displays.

Juragan 99 Trans Mercedes-Benz OH 1626 L Tour Bus

GIICOMVEC 2020 066

Most vehicles at the Mercedes-Benz pavilion were trucks, but there was a bus on display anyway.

GIICOMVEC 2020 068

The Juragan 99 Trans Mercedes-Benz OH 1626 L Tour Bus at the Mercedes-Benz pavilion.

GIICOMVEC 2020 069GIICOMVEC 2020 074

The interior of the Juragan 99 Trans Mercedes-Benz OH 1626 L Tour Bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 070

Seats are arranged in a 2+2 configuration.

GIICOMVEC 2020 072

The legroom available on board.

GIICOMVEC 2020 073

Aside from the usual wire-basket holder, there is also a dedicated bottle holder on the seat back.

GIICOMVEC 2020 071

There are also table-style seats in the bus, with drink holders available too.

PT. SAN Putra Sejahtera Scania K410IB-6×2 Bus

GIICOMVEC 2020 067

Over to the United Tractors pavilion, there is a PT. SAN Putra Sejahtera Scania K410IB-6×2 Bus on display. This is a long-distance bus operator specialising in local Sumatran and Sumatra-Java trans-island bus services.

GIICOMVEC 2020 112

As the bus was quite crowded, I didn’t go on board to have a look.

TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus

GIICOMVEC 2020 075GIICOMVEC 2020 085

A familiar sight to many, but a new upcoming bus model, there was also a TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus on display. With many new BRT non-Busway routes and cross-line routes, there is now an automatic door for the front low-deck boarding at non-Busway bus stops so that the conductor need not keep going up and down to open the door manually.

GIICOMVEC 2020 076

The interior of the new TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 077

The layout seems similar to the current new rigid buses plying on TransJakarta routes, with more longitudinal seating and handgrips.

GIICOMVEC 2020 078

The destination information sign on board the TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 079

The many overhead handgrips available in this new bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 080

The ladies area of the TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus, with the door to the driving cab opened. The wheelchair area has also moved to the front ladies area.

GIICOMVEC 2020 081

Hopefully the success of the TransJakarta BRT, many other countries including Singapore can change their minds about BRT.

GIICOMVEC 2020 082

The new rear body design of the TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 084

The information panel of the TransJakarta Scania K250IB-4×2 Bus.

Trans Kota Tangerang Ayo (TAYO) Hino Bus FB 130

GIICOMVEC 2020 086GIICOMVEC 2020 094GIICOMVEC 2020 095

At the Hino pavilion, there is a Trans Kota Tangerang Ayo (TAYO) Hino Bus FB 130 midi bus on display.

GIICOMVEC 2020 087

The information panel of the Trans Kota Tangerang Ayo (TAYO) Hino Bus FB 130 midi bus.

GIICOMVEC 2020 089GIICOMVEC 2020 088

The interior of the Trans Kota Tangerang Ayo (TAYO) Hino Bus FB 130 midi bus. Seats are in a longitudinal layout.

GIICOMVEC 2020 090

The embroidered logo on the Trans Kota Tangerang Ayo (TAYO) Hino Bus FB 130 midi bus seats.

GIICOMVEC 2020 091

Seems like the seats were originally meant to come in pairs.

GIICOMVEC 2020 092

In Trans Tangerang, Tayo the Little Bus has a different local meaning.

GIICOMVEC 2020 093

Looks like Kota Tangerang likes acronyms.

Food Buses and Food Trucks

GIICOMVEC 2020 096

Being a heavy vehicle expo, what better way to have your meal section houses by food buses and food trucks.

GIICOMVEC 2020 097

There is a seating area between the two rows of food buses and trucks.

GIICOMVEC 2020 098

A Kebab Food Bus, reminding me of my London trip last year.

GIICOMVEC 2020 099

A Fiesta Ready Meal food bus, selling their mains for Rp.25,000. This is the only food item that does not have an inflated price here.

GIICOMVEC 2020 100

For a more traditional Indonesian food option, there is also an Ayam Geprek food van.

GIICOMVEC 2020 101

Surprisingly, there is also a Yoshinoya food truck.

Ministry of Transportation
Directorate General of Land Transportation
Directorate of Road Transportation Facilities

(Kementerian Perhubungan
Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Darat
Direktorat Sarana Transportasi Jalan)

GIICOMVEC 2020 102

There is a booth of the Ministry of Transportation Directorate General of Land Transportation and Directorate of Road Transportation Facilities, with a strange queue.

GIICOMVEC 2020 103

Turns out that the queue was for a free coffee.

Truck Experience Area

GIICOMVEC 2020 104GIICOMVEC 2020 105

Outside at the back of Hall B, there is a Truck Experience Area.

GIICOMVEC 2020 106

True to its name, the Truck Experience Area does indeed offer an actual driving experience.

GIICOMVEC 2020 107

Unfortunately though, you actually do need an Indonesian truck driver’s license (Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM B)) before you can even bother to register to try out driving your favourite truck.

GIICOMVEC 2020 111

The smaller trucks (and a bus) is located on the far right side.

GIICOMVEC 2020 109

The heavy trucks are located on the near left side.

GIICOMVEC 2020 110

The trucks available for a test-drive also double up as a static display when there are no registered drivers wanting to test-drive the truck.


GIICOMVEC 2020 113

Once done with the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) 2020, I headed back to Hall A to the exit.

Overall, an interesting expo featuring the latest buses and trucks, but especially buses where technology and passenger experiences in Indonesia is increasing so rapidly, especially when seeing the Suites Class bus for the first time. Perhaps a bus trip around Indonesia is in order after the current COVID-19 situation tides over.

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