KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P from Jakarta Gambir to Bandung by Priority Train

The Argo Parahyangan Priority is not really a train in itself, but rather a class of service provided on existing trains. Similar to the Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury which I tried a couple of months ago, the KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P is formed of a Priority coach attached on the existing KA Argo Parahyangan 24, providing a higher level of service operated by PT KA Pariwisata. On this short trip to Jakarta, I decided to go to Bandung just to try out the Priority coach.

I got to Gambir by the usual TransJakarta, the best bus service in ASEAN in my opinion.

Heading into Gambir Railway Station.

At the departure hall, the departure procedure is the same as all other regular trains.

Heading to the CIC kiosks to check in for my train with my Tiket.com reservation.

Instead of the usual 24, my train number showed up as 24P.

Printing out my boarding pass.

My boarding pass for my KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P train from Jakarta Gambir to Bandung.

Heading to the departure gate to get my boarding pass scanned into the system.

Heading up to the platforms.

Argo Parahyangan trains depart from Platforms 1 or 2.

As I got up to my train just before departure, the train was already waiting at Platform 1.

The destination plate of the Argo Parahyangan train on new stainless steel coaches.

My Priority coach was located at the front of the train, though it was not ready for boarding yet.

CC 206 13 03 taking me from Gambir to Bandung on the KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P today.

Priority passengers waiting at the platform while the coach gets ready for departure.

Once the doors were opened, passengers were welcomed to board by the steward.

The interior of the Priority coach, seating just 28 people.

The view of the new Eksekutif 2018 Stainless Steel coach from my Priority coach.

A big LED TV is installed in front.

The bar area was already set up during boarding.

A selection of instant hot drinks was available.

The ground staff finalizing the frills to be distributed on request.

The legroom available on the Priority coach.

The personal entertainment screen can be flipped out in case the seat in front reclines.

Window shades are pulled down during boarding, but I immediately opened it as I wasn’t interested in riding a train without a view.

Reading lights are also available.

Departing from Gambir station at 10.34am – 4 minutes late.

The welcome screen of the personal entertainment system.

The movie selection on board.

The entertainment system also features corporate videos of PT KA Pariwisata.

The view of the Priority coach from my seat.

Shortly after departure, the steward personally greets the Priority passengers and makes announcements relating to the train’s journey.

The regular PT KAI safety video is also played during his announcement.

Once done, the steward distributes a bottle of mineral water to all passengers.

The mineral water provided on the Priority coach.

After mineral water, the steward comes around again with snack boxes for everyone.

The snack box of the Priority coach.

The snack box consists of two bread buns, one chocolate and another pandan (?) Mexican, and an energy fruit yogurt bar.

The train made a strange stop at Manggarai for about half an hour. The reduction of Manggarai to only 5 tracks must be causing this delay.

Arriving at Jatinegara and surprisingly slowing down again.

The train made another strange stop at Jatinegara for another half an hour. No idea why this was the case when there are no more junctions ahead.

I watched a random movie to kill the time. This was Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

The train departed from Jatinegara at 12.06pm. Including the stop at Manggarai, this was a very strange wait of 1 hour and 21 minutes. By this time, I should already be at Purwakarta.

Making a brief stop at Bekasi to pick up more passengers.

Passing through Cikarang station at speed. More KRL trains should seriously be extended to here since the demand is rapidly increasing.

Finally heading onwards out of the KRL network.

Time for a quick toilet break.

The toilet is located in a separate corridor at the front of the coach.

This is probably the biggest toilet I’ve ever used on a train. Not to mention that it was spotless too.

The sink area is extremely generous, comparable to mall toilets on the ground with a hand dryer too.

Paper towels are also offered in the toilet.

Once done, time for a drink and snack at the bar area.

The hot drinks counter features a reasonable selection of coffees and teas for this (scheduled) 3-hour journey.

There are also two types of snacks by the hot drinks counter.

There are two bar chairs for you to sit around the lounge area if you prefer.

Making a brief stop at Purwakarta.

Seems like most of the trains have been cleared, wonder where they are or what they are now.

Heading onwards southeast.

The stretch between Purwakarta and Bandung offers arguably the best scenery from a train in Indonesia.

Passing by vast paddy fields and gorges.

Passing through the Sasaksaat Tunnel (Terowongan Sasaksaat).

Making a brief stop at Sasaksaat to cross with an approaching Argo Parahyangan.

The really short and slim island platform of Sasaksaat.

As expected, most of the train have exceeded the platform.

The excellent view of Sasaksaat facing the Sasaksaat Tunnel.

KA Argo Parahyangan Tambahan 7075 from Kiaracondong to Gambir crossing with my KA Argo Parahyangan 24 at Sasaksaat.

This train is made up of a single travel class of Eksekutif 2018 Stainless Steel only.

Heading under Jl. Tol Purbaleunyi.

The view along the way to Bandung.

Making a brief stop at Padalarang, one station before entering Bandung.

The KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P arrived at Bandung at 2.45pm – 1 hour and 6 minutes late. This delay seems to match up with the strange stops at Manggarai and Jatinegara earlier.

The view of my seat once everyone had disembarked at Bandung.

The interior of the Priority coach.

This 1982 coach doesn’t look out of place despite it being 37 years old.

Disembarking at Bandung, the final station of this train.

Another Priority coach attached on another rake at another platform.

Heading into the sheltered part of the station.

Crossing to the new side of Bandung station.

As another train was blocking the way, passengers had to go through it in order to get to the other side of the station.

Heading across the tracks to the main station.

Heading out of Bandung Railway Station.

Overall, the KA Argo Parahyangan Priority 24P was an excellent ride with PT KA Pariwisata. While it’s almost double the price as compared with a full fare Eksekutif coach, the services provided and lesser crowd on the train makes the value for this short trip quite worth it. If the Priority coach is available on another Argo Parahyangan that I might take in future, I would definitely consider using it again.


  1. Hi, been looking at tiket.com website, but could not get the choice to purchase the priority tix. All choices are economy or executive only. Pls advice

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