KA Kalimaya: Merak and Rangkasbitung to Jakarta Tanah Abang by Train (DEFUNCT)

The KA Kalimaya, together with the KA Langsam, KA Patas Merak/Banten Ekspres and KA Rangkas Jaya, will cease operations from 1 April 2017.

From 1 April 2017, the line between Jakarta and Merak will be rescheduled. For direct journeys between Jakarta and Merak, you may only use the KA Krakatau. For frequent daytime departures, use the KRL Jabodetabek between Jakarta and Rangkasbitung (new extension) and the Lokal Merak between Rangkasbitung and Merak (increased service of 6 pairs of local trains daily).

Click here for the new Jakarta – Merak Access (Lokal Merak x KRL Jabodetabek).

The Kalimaya is an Economy class-only Express train serving the Merak – Rangkasbitung – Tanah Abang and Rangkasbitung – Tanah Abang routes. All economy class coaches in the Indonesian Railway are air-conditioned.

This train offers a faster alternative to the KRL Commuter Jabodetabek Maja line if you are heading to Tanah Abang from Tigaraksa and vice-versa as the train does not have any scheduled stops along the way.

Simply buy your ticket at the counter, but mention that you want the Kalimaya as they may think you’re getting the normal Commuter ticket. You will have to show some form of identification – checks will take place when you pass through the gates to see if the ticket and the ticket holder matches.

The train arrived on time, bound for Tanah Abang.

Similar to recent improvements around the Commuter network, new steps have been installed at older platforms for easier boarding. Saves everyone the hassle of climbing up the ladder steps of the train and allows for speedier boarding.

The interior of the Economy class coach. Though known as Economy, all coaches have recently been installed with air-conditioning, and power sockets are located in each bay of seats.

The interior of the toilet, for those hygiene-conscious. There is a waste tank in the coach, so no waste is let off to the track.

Some scenery along the way.

At Tanah Abang station, follow the signs to the exit. There is only 1 exit point at the station. If you are transferring to the Commuter line, you will have to exit the station first, before buying a Commuter ticket.

Getting Here
Location: Tigaraksa Station
Company: PT Kereta Api Indonesia
Line: KA Kalimaya
Fare: IDR15000 (SGD1.53) (Tigaraksa – Tanah Abang)

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