Kertapati Station: The Rail Gateway to Palembang

Kertapati Railway Station is located in Kertapati district in Palembang, south of the main central area of Ampera Bridge. While out of the city, it functions as the sole rail gateway to Palembang, with train services from here running through South Sumatra, connecting it all the way to Lubuklinggau and Tanjung Karang (Bandar Lampung).


You can get to Kertapati station from Palembang easily by car, ride-sharing apps such as Grab or Go-Jek, angkot, Bus Kota or by Trans Musi Corridor 6.

A ticket office is available for ticket purchases throughout the station’s opening hours. However, for long-distance routes with a lower limit of ticket sales, you are advised to pre-book your tickets early through online agents such as Foreign credit cards are accepted on but not on the official PT KAI ticketing website.

Even though the railway is on Sumatra, the check-in procedures to retrieve your boarding pass at the Check In Counter (CIC) remains the same here.

The timetable of all trains serving Kertapati station.

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The fare table for trains serving Kertapati station.

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A standalone advertisement for the Railbus Kertalaya.

Once done, get your ticket or boarding pass checked before entering the waiting room.

Ample seating is available while you wait for your train.

Follow the signs for your departing train.

Track 9
KA Sindang Marga: Kertapati – Lubuklinggau
KA Serelo: Kertapati – Lubuklinggau

Track 10
KA Sriwijaya: Kertapati – Tanjungkarang
KA Rajabasa: Kertapati – Tanjungkarang

Track 11
KA Kertalaya: Kertapati – Indralaya

The northernmost buffer stops of South Sumatra at Kertapati station.


Similar to PT KAI stations on Java, there is a separate exit for arrival passengers.

Looks like there was a plan for an integrated Trans Musi BRT and Waterbus halt right outside Kertapati station, but not anymore.

There are ample parking spaces around, but you can also get to the city by taxi or through popular ride-hailing apps such as Grab or Go-Jek.

All geared up for the 18th Asian Games or more commonly now known as Jakarta Palembang 2018.

If you’d prefer public transport over taxis or Grab, walk out of the station to flag down local angkots or Bus Kota (city bus), or continue walking ahead for about 5 minutes to the Simpang Sungki Halt for the Trans Musi BRT system.

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