KKKL Travel & Tours from Marina South Pier to Tampines MRT Station by Express Bus

KKKL Travel & Tours is the Singapore-based counterpart of KKKL Express Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, operating both as a bus company and travel agent. For obvious COVID-19 reasons, there is currently no light at the end of the tunnel for regular cross-border express bus routes to resume between Singapore and Malaysia.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that KKKL Travel & Tours now runs domestic express bus routes in Singapore using their Singapore-registered Super VIP coaches, serving Marina South Pier from Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Kovan, and Tampines. This connects the heartlands with the ferries to St. John and Kusu Islands conveniently. Now I can board a comfortable Super VIP coach for a joyride again.

KKKL Express Bus Service between Marina South Pier and Tampines/Kovan Hub/Choa Chu Kang/Jurong East Schedule and Fares

Bus to Marina South Pier
Day Pick-up Points Departure Time Ticket Price
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Tampines 8:00 AM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Kovan Hub 8:30 AM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Choa Chu Kang 8:00 AM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Jurong East 8:30 AM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Weekends (Sat-Sun) Tampines 07:00 AM & 09:00 AM S$7
Kovan Hub 07:30 AM & 09:30 AM S$7
Choa Chu Kang 07:00 AM & 09:00 AM S$7
Jurong East 07:30 AM & 09:30 AM S$7
Bus from Marina South Pier
Day Drop-off Points Departure Time Ticket Price
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Tampines 6:00 PM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Kovan Hub 6:00 PM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Choa Chu Kang 6:00 PM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Jurong East 6:00 PM S$5 (Fri: S$7)
Weekends (Sat-Sun) Tampines 05:00 PM & 07:00 PM S$7
Kovan Hub 05:00 PM & 07:00 PM S$7
Choa Chu Kang 05:00 PM & 07:00 PM S$7
Jurong East 05:00 PM & 07:00 PM S$7

KKKL bus tickets can be purchased from BusOnlineTicket.

The KKKL Marina South Pier bus schedule connects smoothly with Singapore Island Cruise ferry schedules.

About 2 hours before my bus departure time, KKKL Whatsapped me to remind me of my bus journey and to give me my bus plate number.

KKKL Express Bus Service from Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier is the terminal for ferries to St. John and Kusu Islands, and boarding point for the evening KKKL express bus to the heartlands.

The boarding point is at Bus Stop 03419 Marina South Pier in front of Marina South Pier.

My ticket printout from BusOnlineTicket for my KKKL Travel & Tours express bus ride from Marina South Pier to Tampines MRT Station.

Right on time at precisely 6.00pm, my KKKL bus arrived at Marina South Pier to pick me up.

This bus service departs at 6pm on weekdays. On weekends, there are two departures at 5pm and 7pm.

KKKL Express Bus Service to Tampines MRT Station

As I was the only passenger on board, the driver greeted me by name and departed immediately after I boarded.

The interior of the KKKL Travel & Tours Super VIP 27-seater bus.

Ah, great to be back on board a 27-seater Super VIP coach in my favourite seat.

Unnecessary fun fact: I was originally booked on KKKL to KL on the very last weekend that the border between Singapore and Malaysia was freely opened, but I forfeited the ticket (and my flight back), and didn’t go on my supposed very last overseas leisure trip.

The comfortable legroom on board the 27-seater Super VIP coach.

USB charging ports are available at every seat.

Stretching out comfortably on my ride back home (albeit of a detour though) after work.

The view of the empty bus from my seat.

Each seat has a BusOnlineTicket advertisement behind the headrest.

The generous space I get on this Singapore domestic express bus route.

Heading off to the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), passing by the Marina Bay skyline.

Heading down into the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

As there are no passengers heading to Kovan Hub (it’s my private bus), the bus headed straight for Tampines MRT Station, the final destination.

Heading along the East Coast Parkway (ECP). Not the geographically-closest way to Tampines, but I guess it’s to avoid the evening jam on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

Heading off at Exit 2B.

Passing by the empty Changi Depot with most trains on the main line for this weekday evening.

Passing by the new viaducts leading in to Tanah Merah MRT Station and East Coast Integrated Depot.

Heading in to Tampines from Tampines South Flyover.

The usual evening jam in to Tampines from this PIE and Simei link. Truly replicating a KL arrival.

A junction before arriving at Tampines MRT Station, the bus driver switched on the side interior lights, just like a real express bus arrival.

Turning right towards Tampines MRT Station at Our Tampines Hub.

Approaching Tampines MRT Station.

Turning into the taxi stand outside Exit B of Tampines MRT Station.

The journey from Marina South Pier to Tampines MRT Station took 37 minutes.

Feels just like an arrival from KL or Genting with the entire taxi stand staring at me as I alighted, though without luggage.

Overall, a very comfortable journey on board KKKL Travel & Tours, especially after more than 8 months without overseas leisure travel, and almost 1 year since my very last express bus ride in Malaysia before COVID-19.

Will I do it again?

Perhaps for another joyride to Choa Chu Kang just for the fun of it. Realistically, 1 departure a weekday and 2 departures a weekend is not exactly viable for a full-out public transport service, especially when the MRT train underneath Marina South Pier departs every 100 seconds during weekday peak hours.

However, if you are up for a joyride or are willing to pay a premium AND take a detour from your downtown office to Marina South Pier to get the comfortable Super VIP bus back home in style, then yes, this new domestic express bus service by KKKL Travel & Tours is perfect for you.

KKKL bus tickets can be purchased from BusOnlineTicket.

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