KRDE Minangkabau Express: Padang (Simpang Haru) to Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) by Train

After a short 2-night stay in Padang, it was time to head back in the morning of the third day. I had two options to get to the airport – the Minangbakau Express which will get me there more than 2 hours early for my flight, or a Grab to the airport which would be able to buy me about an additional hour in Padang. But with the Minangkabau Express being a lot cheaper at only Rp. 10,000, and with it being a train, my chosen option is quite obvious.

Walking into the station after getting off my Grab from the main road.

Heading into Padang Railway Station.

The ticket counters at Padang are quite straightforward. One is dedicated for the KA Sibinuang, the other for the Minangkabau Express, and the Customer Service counter for pre-booking of all other long-distance trains where possible outside of Divre II.

Getting my ticket for the Minangkabau Express is a breeze since it’s not operated under the Railink brand. Just a simple cash transaction and off I go.

My ticket for the MInangkabau Express to Minangkabau International Airport. The blue marks at the side of the ticket means that the spool of paper is running out.

The entrance to the platform is just beside the ticket counter. After getting my ticket checked, I was in.

With a quick turnaround of 15 minutes, once incoming passengers from the airport have alighted, those heading to the airport are free to board immediately.

The Minangkabau Express on arrival from the airport.

As the train departs from Platform 1 using low platforms, steps are provided to board the train.

The interior of the MInangkabau Express.

Luggage racks are provided by the side of the train doors for large baggage.

There are also easy-access seats by the train doors for those for passengers requiring such priority.

As the train is classified as Komuter Eksekutif, seats are of Eksekutif quality without the reclining function, and are positioned in bays of 4.

There are also grabpoles and handgrips throughout the length of the train to maximise capacity.

The route map of the Minangkabau Express.

A rather comfortable seat with good legroom and power sockets for this short-distance Komuter train.

Upon departure, the PT KAI safety video is played.

Departing from Padang Railway Station with the entire Divre II network finally accomplished. See you again some day.

Passing by Alai at speed.

Crossing a river looking at the highlands of Padang Pariaman.

Passing by the Infantry Battalion after Air Tawar halt.

Crossing the main road diagonally.

Arriving in Tabing.

Making a brief stop at Tabing.

More passengers boarded here, heading for the airport.

After departure from Tabing, the conductor comes around to check for tickets.

Despite being just a Komuter service, the usual PT KAI standard of greeting passengers with a smile is still practiced by all staff.

The track runs parallel to the main road throughout the journey between Air Tawar and Tabing.

Approaching Tabing station, the junction station to the MInangkabau International Airport line.

Making a brief stop at Tabing.

Departing Tabing for the airport.

Turning away from the main line to Pariaman.

Crossing the main road.

Some nice rural scenery as a final goodbye from Padang.

Approaching Minangkabau International Airport.

Pulling into Track 2 (main line) of Minangkabau International Airport Railway Station.

Alighting from the Minangkabau Express.

Thank you Minangkabau Express for the ride. It’s a fantastic airport link model for other smaller Indonesian airports to hopefully follow suit soon eg. Surakarta’s (Solo) Adi Sumarmo Airport Rail Link.

Heading to the station concourse.

Heading up to the linkbridge to the airport terminal.

Walking through the air-conditioned linkbridge.

The Minangkabau International Airport terminal ahead.

Arriving from the Mingkabau Express at 9.15am, it was more than 2 hours till my 11.35am flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Heading down to what probably is a temporary ramp to the terminal building, until the terminal extension is completed.

The sheltered linkway is now within the construction site of the terminal extension.

Exiting the linkway through the construction site hoardings.

From here, I headed onwards to the departure end of the terminal to check-in for my flight.

Overall, it was a cheap and efficient way to get from downtown Padang to Minangkabau International Airport. My only wish is for Divre II to get an additional train set and a totally new overall Divre II timetable in order to boost frequency on the line and to provide an additional transport option for those travelling around Padang too.

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