KRL Jabodetabek JR 205 Series ex-Nambu Line

The KRL Jabodetabek JR 205 Series ex-Nambu Line commenced operations in Jakarta on 10 September 2015. 20 sets of 6 cars were ordered from JR East. They currently operate in 6+4 car or 6+6 car formations to keep with the existing length of trains and platforms, as well as to provide an extended train length of 2 or 4 cars, launching a new 12-car service, to cope with the ever-growing demand of train services in the Jabodetabek area.

Interior-wise, it is comparable with the JR 205 Series ex-Yokohama Line with a few special changes.

1 set of JR 205 Series, NaHa 39/205-23F, the last to operate on the Nambu Line, arrived in Jakarta with a special interior, themed as “Dari Jalur Nambu Untuk Indonesia”, or “From Nambu Line for Indonesia”, featuring colourings and drawings of the JR 205 by children living along the Nambu Line in Japan. A few hung drawings on the ceiling has since been placed in a few other Nambu Line sets.

Here are some samples of the colourings and drawings.

Each drawing is mounted on a card which reads:

Dari anak-anak Jepang untuk Anda sekalian

which translates to “From the children of Japan to all of you”.

On the drawing itself, a farewell for the train reads:

かいがいでも がんばってね

which translates to “Even in foreign countries, do your best!  -Messages from the children of Japan”.

Similar to other trains acquired from Japan, PT KAI has renumbered them according to the local format. However, part of the original Japanese numbering has been kept, with the Japanese words omitted. For the Nambu Line, the original car number plates are kept and screwed into the holder.

However, the original Kawasaki builder plate and the No Smoking sign has been removed. This is a similar practice with the other acquired trains with either a removal of these items or a masking tape over the words.

The original side exterior livery is left mostly untouched, except for the addition of the usual PT KCJ signs and logos, as well as the additional handle bars on the side of each door and step for the middle two doors.

The original 弱冷房車 or weak air-conditioned car sticker remains. However, I have not tried it, if it is still a weak air-conditioned car or not. Either way, Jakarta is a tropical city and if you do find yourself in one and uncomfortable, do walk to the next car for better comfort.

As the original train length is shorter than the typical 10 cars that operate on the line, the train will be formed of either 6+4 car or 6+6 car formations. There will be 2 facing cab cars in the middle. These are not assigned as women-only cars even though sometimes the stickers on the cars may describe them so. Women-only cars are always the first and last car of each train formation.

The ex-Nambu Line train, with the new modified exterior details.

The JR 205 Series ex-Nambu Line train departs Manggarai for Bogor, providing a new era of rail travel for passengers to and from Jakarta.

A special announcement from the conductor of the last set of ex-Nambu Line 205 Series delivered to Indonesia.

Note: Some All Nambu Line train sets have been repainted into the normal KCJ livery of red and yellow, similar to the ex-Saikyo and ex-Yokohama Line trains, with minor differences. However, there is no confirmation that this livery change will affect all Nambu Line sets.

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