KTM Ekspres Rakyat

Ekspres Rakyat

The Ekspres Rakyat is currently no longer in operation. There is currently no through train service between JB Sentral and KL Sentral.

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The Ekspres Rakyat was a popular daily service between JB Sentral and Butterworth via KL Sentral. Since its inception in 1977, the Ekspres Rakyat had been running daily under KTM. Originally operating with Economy Class coaches only, it received the then-modern Eksekutif Dingin, before changing to the current Hyundai coaches in 1992. It plied the Bukit Mertajam – Johor Bahru route before being extended to Butterworth and Singapore (Tanjong Pagar), before it was truncated to ply between KL Sentral and Singapore only due to the Rawang – Ipoh Double Tracking Project. It restarted services north of KL in 2007 to Ipoh, before plying the entire original route back to Butterworth in 2008. It was ultimately truncated from Singapore to Woodlands CIQ on 1 July 2011.

The Ekspres Rakyat ran for the last time on 8 May 2016.

Route Map

TRAINS1M Ekspres Rakyat
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AFC 01
Premier Class (AFC)

Superior Class (ASC INKA) (R coaches)

ASC Refurbished on INKA 01
Superior Class (ASC Hyundai) (T Coaches)

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
Singapura ke Bangkok dengan Keretapi

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
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Timetables from KTM’s website effective 3 June 2018
Jadual waktu dari laman web KTM berkuatkuasa 3 Jun 2018

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Ekspres Rakyat Fares
Tambang Ekspres Rakyat

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Ekspres Rakyat Fares from KTM’s website
Tambang Ekspres Rakyat dari laman web KTM

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Ekspres Rakyat Platinum Journey Experiences
Pengalaman Perjalanan Ekspres Rakyat

1dn Butterworth to JB Sentral (Southbound)
2up JB Sentral to Butterworth (Northbound)

The Ekspres Rakyat features new second class coaches different from the ones seen in the journey experience links above. Click here to learn more.

KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods
Kaedah Tempahan Tiket Keretapi KTM

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Bagaimanakah saya menempah tiket dalam talian?

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The Ekspres Rakyat is currently no longer in operation. There is currently no through train service between JB Sentral and KL Sentral.