Lazarus Island, Pulau Seringat & Kias Island 1-Hour Exploration

Walking Around Lazarus Island, Pulau Seringat & Kias Island

With about 1.5 hours to spare on the cluster of St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Seringat Island, and Kias Island, I decided to remain in the northern portion which I have not explored much yet, and to make it back to Seringat Island Jetty in good time for my 2.30pm ferry to not risk having to wait for the next ferry in 3 hours later after my planned return from the islands of nothingness.

Lazarus Island (Pulau Sakijang Pelepah)

I had already visited Lazarus Island on a previous trip. When comparing the walking distance, Seringat Island Pier is a lot nearer than St John’s Island Pier.

There are no rubbish bins on Lazarus Island. The nearest rubbish bins are on Seringat Island and St John’s Island.

A very socially-distanced beach. Lazarus Island Beach was created by merging Seringat Island and Lazarus Island with this lagoon.

Kusu Island is just ahead, but is not physically connected by reclamation with St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Seringat Island, and Kias Island, or a bridge like Seringat Kecil Island.

The waters of Lazarus Beach are a lot cleaner than the mainland.

Seringat Island (Pulau Seringat)

With just over an hour to spare, I decided not to go to St John’s Island, but to just explore the area nearer to Seringat Island Jetty.

Seringat Island pretty much looks just like this, aside from the pier.

Nothing much around. If you have bicycles, Seringat Island would make for a short and easy cycling path.

The path leads on to Kias Island.

Another man-made causeway linking Seringat Island and Kias Island.

A wide shelter at Seringat Island Pier is a good place to take cover during foul weather.

There’s also an air-conditioned “VIP Lobby” here. I wonder what kinds of functions would be held here.

The VIP Lobby is glass all around with air-conditioning units in the middle of the room.

Seringat Kecil Island (Pulau Seringat Kecil)

Seringat Kecil Island is another expanded Southern Island by reclamation, located south of Seringat Island.

Unlike St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Seringat Island, and Kias Island, Seringat Kecil Island is not reclaimed with a man-made causeway, but a bridge is built instead to connect it with Seringat Island. In other words, Seringat Kecil Island attached to the big lump of reclaimed islands, but with water still flowing in between it and Seringat Island – so it’s still a separate island.

Seringat Kecil Island and the connecting southern part of Seringat Island is fully forested, and not accessible by the public with a proper path.

Kias Island

The downtown Singapore skyline can be seen from the Seringat-Kias Causeway.

Kias Island in its entirety. Kias was previously a shoal which has been reclaimed and expanded into an island.

Kias Island has an electricity generator to support the cluster of St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Seringat Island, and Kias Island.

Most of Kias Island is open space.

This road ends at Kias Island.

Looking over to Sentosa Cove.

The electricity generator has a dedicated open drain leading out to sea.

Probably the most scenic drain in Singapore.

With about 20 minutes to go, I headed back to Seringat Island Pier in good time to catch the 2.30pm ferry back to Sentosa Cove.

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