Lounge Review: Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D

Miracle Lounge has plenty of lounges in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport which can be confusing or convenient depending on your trust level of a gate change is in the huge terminal building. I checked in for my flight 3 hours early for a lounge visit for lunch, which means I did not have a gate yet. As such, I decided to go for the Miracle First Class Lounge at Concourse D which is nearest from immigration and in the middle of the terminal so that I could head to whichever concourse I need to go once my gate has been flashed on the departure screens.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Gate D6

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D is located opposite Suvarnabhumi Airport Gate D6.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D

The welcome desk of Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D is large, welcoming, and prominent, thanks to the high ceilings despite being 1 floor down from the main transit level. For this lounge visit, I used my Priority Pass.

The cash price to visit the Miracle First Class Lounge is 1,500 Baht (~S$58.07), so a Priority Pass visit is way more worth it. 1,500 Baht could also get you a flight from Bangkok to Singapore on a good day.

The entrance to the Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D is in the middle, with 2 main sides to the lounge on the left and right. On the left is the main lounging area which I’ll get to in a bit.

On the right, there is a bright wall of books which was quite welcoming.

There are a couple of lounge seats along this linear area, though this has high foot traffic and I don’t think it will be comfortable to be sitting here for an hour.

Dining Lounge

I first headed to the Dining Lounge to get some lunch, the main purpose of this lunchtime lounge visit.

There are lounge seats with coffee tables and a proper dining seating area close to the buffet line.

A wide variety of drinks are available in the Miracle First Class Lounge, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Lots of spirits are available in the open bar beside the 3 fridges.

There is also Nestea Kyoho Grape and orange juice in the dispenser.

The food section starts off with a salad and fruit bar.

Hot food are kept in covered chafing dishes.

There is also an a la minute section which is shared with the neighbouring Miracle Business Class Lounge offering the same food. On my day of visit, Chicken Rice, Wanton Soup, and Noodles Soup were available.

The buffet line continues with snacks in food warmers or covered containers.

Ice cream in cups are available as well.

Both Thai and western breads of salabao and croissants are available in steamers and warmers respectively.

The line ends off with a cereal and bread section.

From the buffet line, I picked a spicy bacon aglio olio spaghetti, fried basil pork, and chicken with paprika sauce. The hot food selection from the buffet line was surprisingly not diverse, but perhaps this could be a lull period for the lounge with not many guests during my visit.

Nevertheless, hot food from the a la minute counter was available, and I ordered from there as well. Here’s the Shrimp with Pork Wanton Soup which was flavourful and served hot.

I ordered the Thai-style Chicken Rice as well which was reasonably good with the Thai chilli.

After the mains, I picked out some sandwiches and salabao to have with my drinks.

At the self-service bar, I tried to mix my own Espresso Martini with vodka, Kahlúa, and espresso. Unfortunately my mixing didn’t taste as good as those I get in bars.

Following my failures at shot estimation, I decided to go for beers and wines instead.

Toilets & Showers

Toilets and showers are available in the middle of the lounge in big individual cubicles.

The regular male cubicle has both a urinal and toilet bowl, with a bidet spray provided.

The sink area is also very wide.

A shower room is also available with amenities provided.

The shower has a urinal and toilet bowl provided as well.

Shower amenities are provided in a basket by the sink.

A hairdryer is also available by the power socket.

A hot shower is available with a glass panel and door keeping the water within the showering area only.

Soap is provided in the dispenser beside the shower head.

Lounge Area

Once done with my lunch, I headed over to the more comfortable lounge seating area to wait for my flight.

The snacks section is duplicated here so guests to not have to walk over to the dining area to pick out some snacks.

The self-service bar is also duplicated here so that makes it easier to get more drinks as well.

I picked a seat at the quieter corner of the lounge.

Seats are comfortable with space around to put my luggage.

The power socket is found along the floor which is a it awkward, but I guess it’s the best position possible, other than the other trade-off which is to have a nice-looking floor without power sockets provided.

Heading up out of the Miracle First Class Lounge Concourse D for some quick shopping before boarding my flight, the up escalator is located opposite Gate D8. If heading directly to the gate, it can be accessed from the same floor as the lounge, though it will be a long, stale walk with no shops to look at.


Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D is a large quiet lounge at my lunchtime visit which made it comfortable. The main food selection could be improved with the current limited selection, but the snacks variety was quite sufficient, and I was spoilt for choices for drinks. Notably, Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse D provides free shower facilities complete with amenities, so this could be a major factor to consider if considering a lounge visit in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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