Ordinary 258: Nam Tok and Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by Train

Ordinary 258 plies from Nam Tok to Thonburi. It is formed by reversing the rake for Ordinary 257 on the reverse route.

You may get off the train and stretch your legs for around 10 minutes as the locomotive runs around to the other end of the train. You may get your tickets at the ticket counter in the station building.

You will receive this printed ticket from the counter.

In no time, the train departs Nam Tok back to Bangkok Thonburi.

Revisiting the Wang Pho viaduct.

The signal man in charge of the Tham Krasae Bridge. Don’t worry if you’re walking on the tracks, ample warning will be given for you to either head off the bridge or enter an escape platform.

Accessible by the Tham Krasae Bridge is the Tham Krasae (Krasae Cave). It houses Buddha images inside it, though it is not really a temple.

You can access the cave from the Tham Krasae Bridge, when there are no trains running, of course.

The picturesque view of the Tham Krasae Bridge, which only took the POWs 17 days to build.

More snacks are available on board if you are feeling hungry. This vendor has fruits, sausages, eggs and fried dumplings.

Vendors will walk around the train at intervals, but you can walk around to find them as well.

Entering The Bridge on the River Kwai.

More tourists seem to visit the bridge in the afternoon.

Entering Kanchanaburi railway station.

After dropping off passengers on the tourist cars at River Kwai Bridge station, the rake is brought back to Kanchanaburi to rest for the next day’s service. It gets decoupled from the train while passengers are boarding and alighting from the other coaches going back to Thonburi.

Leaving behind the tourist rake.

Crossing with the afternoon train, Ordinary 259, from Thonburi to Nam Tok.

Somewhere after Kanchanaburi, another vendor hops on selling small rice dishes.

2 dishes are available: Green Curry with Chicken and Pig’s Blood, or Braised Tofu and Egg. 10 baht each.

Going back into the main line at Nong Pladuk Junction.

And returning the token for the single track line.

After sharing the main line, the train splits off at Taling Chan Junction to Thonburi.

The train arrived at Thonburi safely, with a delay of around 2 hours. Do factor delays in your schedule as trains may deviate from the timetable sometimes.

Ordinary 257 258
Thonburi 0750 1740
Taling Chan Junction 0804 1726
Nakhon Pathom 0902 1631
Kanchanaburi 1035 1448
River Kwai Bridge 1044 1440
Tham Krasae Bridge 1153 1336
Wang Pho 1204 1323
Nam Tok 1235 1255

You may also access the timetables for other trains on the Nam Tok and Kanchanaburi branch line, and other trains on the Southern Line here.

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