Rapid 109: Bangkok Hua Lamphong to Don Mueang Airport by Train – Bogie Second Class Carriage

Frequent trains serve the stretch between Bangkok and Don Mueang, offering an under-promoted railway connection to Don Mueang International Airport from the city. Most trains travelling on this route carry mainly Third Class carriages. However, I opted for a small upgrade this time, booking my ticket on Rapid 109 departing at 1.45pm on the Bogie Second Class (BSC) Carriage to catch my flight back to Singapore.

Rapid 109 is a long-distance train bound for Chiang Mai, 751km to the north.

My Bogie Second Class ticket from Bangkok to Don Mueang at just 31 Baht (~S$1.30), a top-up of just 11 Baht from the Rapid and Express special Third Class standee fare. Despite being a short-distance ticket, all seats are reserved on the BSC coach, and my name has to be recorded on the booking system to reserve the seat. However, tickets can only be purchased on the day of departure.

The Rapid 109 was departing from Platform 10.

The destination sign on my coach.

Alsthom 4144 heads the Rapid 109 to Chiang Mai.

The interior of the BSC coach.

The very generous legroom on board.

There is good recline offered as well.

The view of the BSC coach from my seat.

Departing from Bangkok right on time at 1.45pm.

Each row of seats has a nicely-aligned window.

Tickets were checked upon departure.

Goodbye Bangkok jam.

The train made a brief stop at Chitralada Royal Railway Station and Ramathibodi Hospital Railway Halt to wait for the signal of the railway crossing ahead to change.

The overall view of the BSC from the back. Seats can be rotated to face the right direction of travel.

Making a brief stop at Sam Sen.

Vendors came onboard the train at Sam Sen, and I got myself an oliang (Thai iced black coffee) for the journey. Just 10 Baht (~S$0.42).

Heading towards Bang Sue Junction.

The Bang Sue Central Station taking shape.

A cross-section of the 26 platforms of Bang Sue Central Station.

Oliang done, time for another cup of drink, this time, cha yen (Thai iced milk tea). Another 10 Baht (~S$0.42).

Goodbye Bang Sue Central.

Would love to see how the tracks untie themselves at the junction here.

Passing by Bang Sue Locomotive Depot.

The new viaduct pillars look like bigger version of the former Hopewell columns on the same line, but here, a successful project is on the way.

The jam on the highway to Don Mueang Airport is why I still prefer to take the train.

Getting ready to disembark while approaching Don Mueang.

That’s a long Long Bus bus convoy.

Arrived at Don Mueang right on time.

Coach 9 was stopped just as the platform ended. If you are ever in the coaches behind, ensure that you walk to one of the front coaches as the train stops here for only one minute.

As quickly as the train arrived, it’s cleared for departure.

From here, it’s up the familiar overhead bridge to Don Mueang Airport.

At just 31 Baht (~S$1.30), the Rapid 109 Second Class is a cheap and great way to travel from Bangkok to Don Mueang in just under an hour, which is and always been my only choice to travel to and from Don Mueang Airport.

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