Flight Review: Ryanair FR2377 from Berlin Brandenburg Terminal 2 to Edinburgh by Boeing 737-800

Ryanair FR2377 Flight from Berlin Brandenburg Terminal 2 to Edinburgh

Ryanair FR2377 is a daily flight from Berlin Brandenburg Terminal 2 to Edinburgh. Heading back to Edinburgh, Ryanair FR2377 had a good lunchtime timing and a cheap €14.99 fare to boot.

BER Airport – Terminal 1-2

I arrived by the DB Regio RE7 Regional-Express train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to BER Airport – Terminal 1-2.

Heading up to the concourse via the escalator.

The BER Airport – Terminal 1-2 station is located in Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is located 350 meters away by a walkway.

Heading to Terminal 2 where my Ryanair FR2377 flight would be departing from.

Heading on the outdoor area with banners pointing to Terminal 2.

The façade of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2.

Crossing the zebra crossing to Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2.

The down slope leads to the entrance of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2

The departure hall of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2 is compact and simple, and getting lost is impossible.

Passengers who have checked-in online with check-in bags can use the automated kiosks for baggage drop-off. For EU/EEA citizens who have no check-in bags, they can head straight to gate.

However, with my Singapore passport, Ryanair checks all non-EU/EEA citizens for travel documents, and I could not get my boarding pass online during check-in. I was directed to the Flexi Plus counter for this procedure, even though Singapore passports do not require a visa to enter the UK or the EU.

The procedure at the check-in desk was straightforward, since there’s nothing to check, and it was straight to departures.

My boarding pass for my Ryanair FR2377 flight from Berlin to Edinburgh, printed at the check-in desk. As mine was a compulsory travel document check after online check-in, no charges was imposed for this boarding pass print. Otherwise, this boarding pass would cost €20.

Taking the escalator up to departures for security screening.

Re-checking the departure screen for my gate.

Heading past the duty-free shop from security to the gates.

During my visit, BER Terminal 2 was still under construction, and there was almost no facilities around.

The only food and beverage outlet was this kiosk of sorts, and there was naturally a long queue, since it was the only food outlet available in BER Terminal 2.

Continuing on to departures. Even WHSmith was surprisingly not open.

Departures is across the bridge from the terminal building to a separate pier building.

There are also bus gates here, which look like they make for a shorter walk if flying domestic or within the Schengen Area.

The gate area is largely empty.

Heading to the end of the pier to my gate.

Immigration is done before the gates for flights out of the EU Schengen Area.

Heading down to the gate after immigration.

My boarding pass and passport was checked at the gate again, this time taking longer than my passport check at the check-in counter for the same reason again, that if a Singapore passport needs a visa to enter the UK.

This was strange as I had already been checked before security, as per Ryanair instruction, considering that I have been issued a boarding pass. Other EU/EEA passengers were checked through while the gate staff checks again on her computer if I need a visa to enter the UK.

The answer was no, and my boarding pass was finally scanned through.

The gate hold room at Gate B42. No toilet facilities are available in the gate hold room, but the gate staff will allow passengers to leave the room to the toilet and come back again.

The gate leads directly out to the apron.

EI-DHW would be operating on my Ryanair FR2377 flight from Berlin to Edinburgh.

Boarding calls were made for all passengers, and there was no differentiation between Priority & 2 Cabin Bags passengers and other passengers.

Crossing the road to the tarmac.

Queuing beside baggage carts for checked bags.

Boarding EI-DHW for my Ryanair FR2377 flight.

The striking Ryanair livery on the side of the plane.

Boarding from the front door with fold-away stairs. Surprisingly, only the front door was open for boarding instead of both doors.

With Ryanair’s random seat selection when you don’t pay for a seat, I got myself an automated middle seat for this flight at 18E. But travelling with just 1 under-seat bag for 2 hours at just €14.99, this was pretty fine.

The safety sticker is pasted behind the seat backs, since Ryanair’s seats do not have literature pockets to provide a safety card.

Lifejackets are located in the overhead compartment. I thought this was a much better design than having lifejackets under seats, since the risk of theft is much lower now that the whole plane can see you remove it, and it would be easier to reach overhead and don the lifejacket than to bend down to retrieve it from under the seat and don it, and may even get a rude shock to find that there is no lifejacket in event of a theft.

It was quite a full flight on a weekday afternoon. Impressive.

My Ryanair FR2377 departed from Berlin Brandenburg at 11.15am – 60 minutes delayed.

Ryanair’s Beef Lasagne

I heard some positive reviews of Ryanair’s Beef Lasagne, so I decided to order it for lunch on board.

Ryanair’s Beef Lasagne was cheesy and saucy, great for an in-flight meal since it’s not dry. The portion was also quite generous, at about 1.5 times the size of a regular in-flight Economy Class casserole. At the price of €6.00, this was also quite reasonable for an airline meal in Europe, and perhaps even cheaper than an airport meal.

My Ryanair FR2377 arrived at Edinburgh at 12.07pm – 37 minutes delayed.

The Ryanair branding in front of Row 1.

Being Ryanair, the aerobridge was not used.

Looking back at EI-DHW after descending from the front door with fold-away stairs.

Heading up the stairs to the aerobridge.

Heading up the aerobridge to the terminal building.

Thanks EI-DHW for the cheap ride back to Edinburgh.

The path to immigration is well signposted in the terminal building.

Immigration was very quick thanks to most passengers being UK, EU, or EEA passport holders, freeing up the manned immigration counter for those with other passports like mine. As such, I entered the UK faster than UK, EU, or EEA passport holders still in their queue.

Baggage reclaim follows immediately after immigration.

With no bags to reclaim, I headed straight out.

Following the signs to exit the terminal building at Edinburgh Airport. Turns out I should not have done this, and should have walked straight through the terminal building instead for shelter.


Ryanair offered excellent value on my FR2377 flight from Berlin Brandenburg to Edinburgh. At just €14.99 all-in, this was cheaper than trains around Germany. While Ryanair’s seats do not recline, it feels like there is already a fixed recline on them, which is great as the person in front of me cannot recline into my face. Also, the missing literature pocket means more legroom. No idea what the hate with Ryanair is. As long as you follow the rules, the flight is pleasant.


  1. As a Singaporean passport holder you are actually eligible to use the eGates at UK airports (the same ones as UK and EU citizens use).

    1. Yup, but because the flight was mainly made up of UK and EU citizens, the manned counter queue was much shorter than the eGates queue. Also I could collect a stamp in my passport this way.

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