Flight Review – Scoot TR292: Singapore to Bangkok Don Mueang by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

This trip to Bangkok lasts barely a day as I was thinking on the route I should take with my one-way Penang flight purchased on impulse a couple of months back. While in Bangkok the previous time, I was thinking of trying out the Thaksinarath as the train was already one year old and I can’t believe I haven’t taken it yet. A quick check online later for the airfares while still in Bangkok, I bought a ticket on the Thaksinarath and a cheap $68 all-in flight on Scoot back to Bangkok, again on impulse.

Scoot TR292 is the very last flight of the day to Bangkok from Singapore, departing at 10.20pm.

Despite already checking-in online two days ago, I was still required to do a document check at Changi Airport since I was on a one-way plane ticket, which isn’t normal. The queues at the FAST Check-In ironically wasn’t that fast.

And because I was thinking how far I could stretch my $68 without purchasing any add-ons, Scoot has kindly assigned me a seat in the very last row of the plane on the window side – 41H.

Hmm, Gate D41? That’s in Terminal 1. Guess it’s pretty full up in Terminal 2.

So off I went straight to Terminal 1 instead of spending my waiting time here.

The Enchanted Garden at Terminal 2.

Turn left to the Skytrain station. Don’t fall for the D40-D41 11-minute-walk trap along the E Gates.

The Skytrain takes just 2 minutes to get across, and up to 4 minutes of waiting time if you miss one. Which still saves you time and effort.

Even the Scootees on my flight decided to get the train.

Wave at those who decided to take the 11-minute walk, which is no one.

My Scoot flight TR292 to Bangkok-Don Mueang ready for boarding from Terminal 1.

Goin’ Scootin with 9V-OTC.

The interior of the Boeing 787-8.

And my assigned seat right at the back of the plane.

41H, the aisle seat, is my home for the next 2 hours. Though as Scoot actually charges a premium for these couple seats at the back since they’re the only couple seats on board, an extendable headrest is provided. But in my case, I got it for free because I was cheap.

It does have limited recline though, and 90% of people passing through the aisle has hit my left shoulder or arm.

On 41K, the window seat, there’s a lot more shoulder room as the aircraft body tapers at the back, leaving a gap wide enough to stretch out on the side but not wide enough to slot a seat in it.

The view from my seat, 41H…

… versus the spacious view that my neighbour has in 41K.

And since this is a Scoot 787, the mandatory sound and light show during boarding begins, no thanks to the strategically-located buttons on the armrests.

A quick hop to the toilet before take-off.

A pretty full flight to Bangkok-Don Mueang and onwards to Tokyo-Narita at this time on a weekday. The plane took off from Changi 15 minutes late due to refuelling.




The flight was very quiet, since this is after all the 787. I slept through the first half of the flight in comfort with the additional headrest. It’s a good premium to have if you’re on a longer flight and too lazy to bring along a neck pillow. Certainly doesn’t feel like a budget flight at all.




About slightly more than an hour into the flight, the captain made an announcement to greet the passengers and afterwards the descend into Bangkok started, with the cabin crew preparing the aircraft for arrival. This means having my seat back upright and my headrests flipped back to its original position. Oh well, nice short nap anyway.




And the flight landed in Don Mueang 15 minutes ahead of schedule, which means my flight to Bangkok took exactly 2 hours. Pretty fast.

And everyone’s excited to get off the plane for who knows what reason. You’re at the back of the plane guys, the last of the last to get off. Relax.

Only one aerobridge was in use at Don Mueang.

Wish I was keeping left.

With the many arrivals into Don Mueang at this time, immigration was still pretty smooth. I was done with immigrations and customs in about 10 minutes, since I have no check-in bags to wait for.

From here, I crossed the highway and took a short walk to my hotel to spend the night before heading rightfully into Bangkok the following morning.


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