Flight Review: Scoot TR890 from Singapore Changi Airport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Scoot TR890 from Singapore Changi Airport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport

Scoot TR890 is a seasonal flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport, operating during the winter season. With a flash promotion for an almost immediate departure in November, I bought myself a sale ticket for a random immediate 5-day trip to Hokkaido.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Scoot departs from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, taking up the entire Rows 6 and 7 around the middle of the terminal.

The check-in area was themed with Pokémon Air Adventures.

The queue to the check-in area was empty. I was expecting my Visit Japan Web registration to be checked, but I was allowed through immediately without question.

The Fast Check-in kiosks for Scoot at Row 7.

The self check-in was not meant to be, and I was directed to the counter for assistance.

My not-a-boarding-pass from the Fast Check-in kiosk.

Ah, looks like the queue is at the assistance counter at Row 6.

Not sure why so many people need assistance this early morning.

After a manual check-in with the ground staff, I was issued my boarding pass. My Visit Japan Web registration was not checked, so I’m not sure why the FAST Check-in kiosk failed.

I had another 1.5 hours after clearing immigration in the transit area before my departure time.

With not much things open in the transit area at midnight, I decided to head straight to the gate to wait it out.

Heading all the way to the end of the pier.

My departure gate was at D49, allt he way at the end of the pier.

Departure information was shown in English and Japanese.

After security screening, I had the big gate hold room to relax in.

While this gate hold room caters for 3 gates, only my flight was departing from it, so it was very spacious. Toilets and water points are available in this gate hold room.

The departure gate at D49 inside the big gate hold room.

About half an hour to departure, boarding calls were made. It was a very light load this night, and no one was in the rush to form a queue. Just going to the gate slowly.

Heading down the aerobridge.

9V-OFG “KamaScootra”

9V-OFG “KamaScootra” will be flying me to Sapporo this early morning.

No boarding rush here.

Heading to the rear cabin where my pre-purchased seat is.

I had pre-purchased Seat 40A for this overnight flight for the extra side space and headrest for this night flight. Although this was all the way at the back, I figured that the side space would allow me to stretch out and the headrest would allow me slightly better sleep while in a seated position.

The official legroom available at Seat 40A.

My extra side space to stretch out when slanted for a night flight.

With the side space, the window is a bit further out from the seat.

My “balcony” on this flight to Sapporo.

The ScootHub QR code is displayed on the seat back.

A tray table is provided.

Hardcopy Scoot Café menus are back in the seat pockets.

It started raining shortly after everyone was on board. Thankfully all the bags made it too.

Boarding was done quickly and everyone was all smiles when everyone saw such an empty cabin, preparing to each get a flatbed after takeoff.

There was a slight dampening of spirits when the pilot came on the PA to announce a slight delay due to a technical issue, and they were fixing it as quick as they can.

There was a bit of waiting in silence for a few minutes, before someone started to unbuckle his seatbelt, and everyone followed suit to claim a flatbed for their own.

Behold, my self-declared Scoot flatbed for this night flight. Sure, I paid a premium to secure my 40A seat, but I think a flatbed trumps a headrest.

There were also more empty rows of seats around me, and everyone could really stretch out comfortably on this night flight by raising the middle armrests.

The legroom of the regular seat, but I was going to prop myself up flat once we hit cruising altitude.

There was still a bit of a wait so I visited the toilet first.

Pushback finally commenced at 2.32am.

Still in the rain, which means it’s going to be a bumpy ride up.

Passing by a more premium 787.

Taking off from Runway 20L. My Scoot TR890 departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 2.49am – 54 minutes delayed.

Immigration and customs cards were handed out by the crew after take-off.

There was turbulence for about 1 hour after take-off, one of a fall which was quite bad, causing things to fall of tray tables, and the crew having to rush back to their crew seats to be seated.

I had about 4 hours of uninterrupted side-lie-flat sleep before waking up over the skies of Japan.

There’s still quite some time to Sapporo though, since it’s all the way at the northeast.

Passing by Hakodate.

Flying over Esan.

Descending through the clouds.

Flying past a Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry departing from Tomakomai.

Turning to line up with Runway 01R at Sapporo New Chitose Airport.

Flying over Yufutsu.

Flying past MOL Ferry Sunflower.

Passing by the junction at Tomakomai for the Chitose Line and Hidaka Main Line.

Flying past many golf courses on approach to Sapporo New Chitose Airport.

Approaching Sapporo New Chitose Airport.

Sapporo New Chitose Airport

My Scoot TR890 arrived at Sapporo New Chitose Airport at 10.37am – 17 minutes delayed.

A Jetstar Japan flight departing from Runway 01L.

Crossing Runway 01L.

Taxiing around the domestic terminal.

The international terminal was empty.

Taxiing the length of the international terminal.

Turning into Gate 70.

Disembarkation was stress-free with no one in a rush to jam up the aisles since there’s so few passengers anyway.

Looking back at 9V-OFG “KamaScootra”.

Heading up the aerobridge.

Immediately at disembarkation, the arrival process to enter Japan begins. In the next article, I will describe my on-arrival experience in Sapporo New Chitose Airport.


My Scoot TR890 flight was luxurious with such a light load to Sapporo, with every passenger able to easily secure a full row to themselves to lie flat for the night flight from Singapore to Sapporo. It’s not great for revenue, but it certainly was beneficial to the few passengers on board. I certainly felt like I was on a private jet to Sapporo with so many empty rows around me, and arriving at an empty international terminal at Sapporo New Chitose Airport.

Click here for my on-arrival experience in Sapporo New Chitose Airport with Visit Japan Web.


  1. Kamascootra ? Sexual innuendo is a lazy ad man’s copy. Fly with them all the time from Sydney without really caring what they call their planes. Just observing.
    How can anyone lie flat on 3 seats ? Curled up a little I guess.
    Great run through as usual and I sure hope that they get back to filling planes again.

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