SHIA Railink: Sudirman Baru (BNI City) to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport by Airport Train

I had visited the KAI EXPO held from 3 to 4 November at ICE BSD Tangerang during my trip to have a look at PT KAI’s biggest PR event of the year with plenty of booths to learn more about trains as well as to see what were the attractive discounted prices by agents.

I didn’t make any long-distance train purchases at the KAI EXPO despite the super attractive prices (up to 40% off any tickets for travel within the next 90 days anyone?) as I had already purchased my tickets beforehand, plus the long queues didn’t really attract me to stand in line. However, as I walked past the Railink booth, it looks like they were offering 50% off tickets for the airport trains.

I walked up to the counter to see if there was any catch to the promotion, and there wasn’t. Yes, it’s a flat 50% off all tickets with the voucher code to be used by 31 January 2019.

I went ahead to buy all my necessary tickets on the spot for this trip and my next Medan trip.

My ride from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport costs just Rp.35,000 (~S$3.39) after the 50% discount. A voucher letter was provided, with the code printed in the middle which I will have to use to key in into the vending machine at Sudirman Baru (BNI City) station.

Walking to Sudirman Baru (BNI City) station after picking up my bags from RedDoorz Plus @ Thamrin.

A side ramp has now been installed on the first set of stairs up the linkway to the station for easier lugging of luggage.

All other steps on the way up to the station has also been replaced with ramps.

A non-revenue train passing through Sudirman Baru (BNI City) station, which I guess is possibly for rolling stock transfer from Tanah Abang to Jatinegara.

Head up the elevator for easier access to the ticketing level.

The spacious walkway with new eateries around on the way to the ticketing kiosks.

Heading to get my ticket out from the kiosk.

The voucher code which I purchased from the KAI EXPO.

I tried entering the code on my own but failed. A staff came to help me, and took my voucher to the information counter probably to figure out what was wrong.

After he came back from the counter, the voucher code worked. However, he took the voucher letter with him.

Printing my Railink ticket.

My Railink ticket for the journey to SHIA.

Heading down to the concourse level.

Scanning my ticket at the gates to enter the platform area.

Heading down to the platform via the travellator.

My Railink train arriving from Manggarai.

Boarding the Railink train.

My train was decked out in Asian Games 2018 and Bank Mandiri colours on the outside and inside.

New information screens similar to the ones installed on the ex-JR 205 Series KCI trains are also found on board with a smoother interface offering advertisements and airport information.

Departing from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) sitting in reverse, with the Jakarta skyline as a goodbye from the city.

Passing through Tanah Abang and an extended station concourse taking shape above the main road.

Approaching Duri station.

Making a 5-minute stop at Duri station for the train to change directions onto the Tangerang Line.

UPDATE: Duri Railink Station is now open for passenger services since 20 December 2018.

Departing from Duri station, with my seat now in the right direction for the remainder of the journey to SHIA.

Crossing the Ciliwung River.

Zooming through the Tangerang Line.

Heading to the Railink track and platforms of Batu Ceper.

Making a brief stop at Batu Ceper.

Splitting off from the Tangerang Line.

Skirting around the western airport perimeter.

Passing by Indonesia AirAsia’s Headquarters.

Passing by the SHIA bus park.

Approaching the Airport Railway Station.

The train arrived perfectly on time at the Airport Railway Station.

Heading to the ticket gates to exit the station.

Scanning my ticket to exit the paid area.

From here, I got onto the Kalayang (Skytrain) to Terminal 3 to catch my flight back to Singapore. A transfer to the Kalayang (Skytrain) is needed to access the passenger terminals.

Overall, the efficient Railink with the 50% discount makes it a super worthwhile journey to the airport at a cost of less than the DAMRI bus, eliminating any traffic jams to the airport and travelling in safety and comfort on Indonesia’s railways.

Thanks for the great promo fare, Railink and KAI EXPO!

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