Singapore Airlines Tore My Bag And Fixed It Overnight • Excellent Damaged Baggage Recovery Service

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 001

After heading out of the baggage reclaim area from my Singapore Airlines SQ861 flight through Customs, and getting the train out to Tanah Merah, while finally placing my bag on the annoying standing area on the floor of the SMRT KHI EMU, I noticed something was amiss with my 2-month-old CabinZero Classic 44L Backpack.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 003

On my CabinZero’s maiden check-in journey, there was an unfortunate tear on it, which is slightly painful since this cabin-sized backpack bag, though light, didn’t come cheap.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 005

A closer look at the tear on the seam of the bag, exposing the inner part of the backpack.

I was wondering if this was a claimable damage to Singapore Airlines, considering that honestly, it was quite small, but still felt painful for me since it’s the first damage to the new and expensive bag, and I had left the baggage reclaim area already (note to self: check bags first before leaving). My post-claim report would only have these handphone images to back me up.

Nevertheless, the next day, I filled up the details required in an email to be sent to the local Singapore Airlines airport office. More details from SQ here.

After a request for more details from SATS Baggage Lost and Found, and my delayed reply to them a day later, I received a call the afternoon of my sending my reply to arrange for a pick-up from my house to repair the bag.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 006

As promised, a delivery man from the “bag repair company” came to my doorstep to pick up my CabinZero. Based on the phone number that called me, a Google search told me that it is DnF Marketing and Services.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 007

The delivery guy tagging my torn CabinZero. Goodbye CabinZero, get well soon!

The next afternoon, I got another call from the “bag repair company” to arrange delivery to return my bag. That was surprisingly quick.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 008

Collecting my repaired CabinZero from the same delivery guy. Thanks bro.

Singapore Airlines SQ861 Baggage Torn Fix 011

Seems like a near-perfect repair with very minimal signs of where the tear used to me. Well done DnF Marketing and Services, SATS Baggage and Singapore Airlines, and thank you all!

I have since tested the same CabinZero Classic 44L Backpack on other LCC flights (without checking it in), and I’m happy to report that the repair has survived my trips so far, carrying up to 7kg worth of items in it, so it’s definitely not just a cosmetic repair that DnF Marketing and Services did.

Singapore Airlines once again proves that it’s a great way to fly. Thanks for the flights here and here, and my baggage repair, and I hope to fly again with you soon, if my wallet approves of it.

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