Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line from Mount Faber to Sentosa by Cable Car

After the heritage Gai Gai Tour around Mount Faber, the experience continues on the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line as the tour includes a round-trip ticket. As such, I used the ticket to head to Sentosa to continue on my Singapoliday.

The route map of the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line to Sentosa.

Flashing my ticket to the staff at the front of the queue. The ticket QR codes are scanned by the staff before boarding.

Flying off southwards.

Passing through Cable Car Tower 1.

Passing over HarbourFront Bus Terminal and Seah Im Food Centre.

The overview of HarbourFront from the cable car.

Approaching Harbourfront station in HarbourFront Tower Two.

Passing through Harbourfront station.

There is a photographer to take souvenir photos of passengers here, which can be purchased at Sentosa station.

Continuing on to Sentosa.

The closed SCC@HarbourFront Regional Ferry Terminal (RFT) thanks to the border closures. Ferries to Batam all now operate from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal temporarily.

Next stop: Sentosa station.

Passing by Resorts World Sentosa.

Passing by the Beach Villas.

Passing through Cable Car Tower 2.

Heading down to Sentosa station.

The hoarded up Tiger Sky Tower ready for demolition.

The hoarded up Merlion ready for demolition.

Entering Sentosa station.

Each cable car is sprayed with a disinfectant after each group disembarks.

Looking back at mainland Singapore.

I tried to replicate the shot of an old postcard with the 1st Generation cable cars and the original clockwise Sentosa Monorail, however, the part where the original photographer was standing is not accessible to the public any more, so this is the closest I could get.

Heading off the arrival platform.

Looking up at the storage facility at Sentosa station after service hours.

I’m not sure if the Singapore Cable Car Museum would reopen once the COVID situation stabilizes or it’s gone for good.

Heading out of the cable car station.

Passing through the Singapore Cable Car Gift Shop to exit the station. A Sentosa Express monorail model here costs S$29.90, way more than my knockoff purchases from Taobao.

Overall, a pleasant ride on board the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line. Now, off to exchange my Sentosa Fun Pass to continue on my Singapoliday on the Sentosa Island Bus Tour.

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