Singapore Island Cruise from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island by Ferry

Singapore Island Cruise and Ferry Services is one of two ferry operators plying the Southern Islands route from Marina South Pier, with heavy competition between the two companies. While their website publishes a fixed bi-hourly circular route, I noticed on my previous trip to St. John and Kusu Islands with Marina South Ferries that they actually ran frequent ferries throughout the day due to the immense crowd there.

Again, I was to learn that not everything is what it seems on paper again, differing from my previous trip, which I’ll explain in this series of articles.

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Marina South Pier is directly connected with Marina South Pier MRT Station.

The harbour launch counter area is now barricaded, probably too many first-time domestic tourists have been confused just like me.

Redeeming the KLOOK Singapore Island Cruise ticket at Marina South Pier

Both Marina South Ferries and Singapore Island Cruise are at a cluster away from the harbour launch counters.

Singapore Island Cruise is the orange counter on the right.

After a simple scan of my KLOOK voucher from the mobile app, my ticket was issued by the counter staff instantly.

On top of charging just $14 for the Singapore Island Cruise ticket on KLOOK as compared with $15 on the spot, the $14 KLOOK price also includes a $3 Gong Cha voucher, which makes it a pretty sweet deal.

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Redeeming the KLOOK $5.50 Snack Pack at Marina South Pier

I had also purchased the new $5.50 Snack Pack at Ferry Terminal on KLOOK just to satisfy my curiosity and to take more pictures for RailTravel Station so you can decide for yourself if you want to spend your own $5.50.

The $5.50 Snack Pack is redeemable on the eastern/MRT side of the ferry terminal at Seajoy #01-05.

My $5.50 Snack Pack gathered from the snack shop.

Despite the formal description on KLOOK, it was pretty straightforward when picking out items for my $5.50 Snack Pack when the auntie simply said pick out 2 canned drinks from the fridge and 2 croissant flavours, with the Super Ring thrown in the plastic bag like a bossku on the first step of packing.

Which is interesting considering that the KLOOK description said “1x Croissant / muffin”. Maybe the auntie was feeling generous. But either way, no complaints.

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Heading to the domestic pier after gathering my Singapore Island Cruise tickets and snacks.

Heading out for my Singapoliday.

Lmao what’s that thing on the right?!

The Penguin Tekong will be ferrying me from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island, operating for Singapore Island Cruise. The last time I took the Penguin Tekong, I was heading to another kind of quarantine island.

Boarding the Penguin Tekong. Tickets are checked and torn by Singapore Island Cruise staff on the floating pontoon before boarding.

The interior of Penguin Tekong’s front cabin. The boarding door is towards the rear cabin so that gets crowded. But I have been on Penguin Tekong for quite a few times before, so an empty cabin it is. Plus, no one really is in a rush to disembark from the Penguin Tekong when arriving in Tekong, right.

What a strange view out of Penguin Tekong.

Picked an upfront seat with a curved window for easier picture-taking and a rather loud TV in front of me.

Waiting for the last passengers to come on board.

Not much crowd on the 1pm ferry this time. Now I’m worried about the frequent ferries if they are even happening.

My torn Singapore Island Cruise ticket for the Penguin Tekong.

The seating and evacuation plan for the Penguin Tekong.

The toilet on board the Penguin Tekong.

Too bad the hatch doesn’t look welcoming for passengers to head out for a view as compared to Batam ferries.

Taking a nice photo of my $5.50 Snack Pack snacks while waiting for departure. After having my snacks and drinks, I can also get an crash course in How to Become a Prime Minister 101.

Departing from Marina South Pier about 5 minutes late, but were probably just waiting for late passengers, since the next boat would have been 2 hours later. Or maybe it’s that orange ferry now beside? Who knows?

Heading out of the Marina South Pier harbour.

Looking back at the Singapore skyline.

Sentosa Cove from the sea.

Overtaking the 1pm Marina South Ferries MSF Natsu heading to St. John’s Island as well.

Looking at Sisters’ Islands with a pleasure craft photobombing.

And hello St. John’s Island again. Second time in two months, and second time in my life.

Waiting for the 1.20pm Marina South Ferries harbour launch to Sisters’ Island to vacate the pier.

The Singapore Island Cruise I Whale seems to be on standby for a surge in passengers.

Docking at St. John’s Island.

Disembarking from the Penguin Tekong. The step from the ferry to the steps is quite high depending on the wake, as compared with the smaller ferries that usually ply this route.

Looking back at the Penguin Tekong. What a strange view. Also, what a big ferry on a small pier.

Heading up the St. John’s Island pier.

The welcome sign to St. John’s Island.

The MSF Natsu waiting for her turn to dock after the Penguin Tekong.

A strange place to see the Penguin Tekong serving.

Overall, a strange and unique experience to be taking the Penguin Tekong from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island with Singapore Island Cruise.

With the 2-hourly frequency and circular routing of Singapore Island Cruise, it’s now time to explore St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island in 2 hours.

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