SRT Pacific Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive Train 907 was ran on 6 November 2014 from Bangkok (Hua Lamphong) to Nakhon Pathom in conjunction with Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Loy Krathong Festival tour around Nakhon Pathom. Tickets are available with or without the tour, THB 999 with the tour and THB 250 for just the train ticket (return journey).

The Pacific Steam Locomotive is a 4-6-2 made in Japan. The steam train usually runs 4 times a year, 26th March (SRT Anniversary), 12th August (Queen’s Birthday), 23rd October (Chulalongkorn Day) and 5th December (King’s Birthday), but this trip was a special exception.

Pacific 824 leads the way to Nakhon Pathom from Bangkok, while Pacific 850 will operate the return trip. There are no turntables or wye junctions at Nakhon Pathom so they operate 2 locomotives together. The 2 are not working in multiple unit, however.

Third class coaches (BTC) are attached to this train. Although without air-conditioning, it makes for better photos and actually offers more comfort when travelling at speed.

Steam Locomotive Train 907 as it departs Bangkok.

Included in the ticket is breakfast as well. A snack box containing sticky rice with pork floss and a slice of cake was served to all passengers, accompanied by a bottle of mineral water. After the meal, the attendants (only applicable for this train) also came around with wet and dry tissues for you to clean up.

Passing over the famous Rama 6 Bridge.

Along the route, there were many scenes of the modern Thai railway including the Red Line development alongside the steam locomotive, showing how far the railways have progressed. The speed limit here is 100 km/h for us and other locomotive-hauled trains, while DMUs are allowed to travel at 120km/h.

A snack is provided at Sala Ya station, also included in the ticket. It seems to appear and taste like sago balls with a vegetable stuffing, together with a fruit juice which I think is made of pomegranate.

After an almost 3 and a half hours journey (it usually takes 2, but I’m not complaining), we’ve arrived at Nakhon Pathom station where the train will rest until its return journey later in the afternoon.

Suggested journey for Steam Locomotive Train 907
Location: Bangkok (Hua Lamphong) Railway Station
Company: SRT
Train: Steam Locomotive Train 907
Fare: THB 250 (return ticket inclusive)
Timetable: 0810 Bangkok > 1000 Nakhon Pathom

Suggested journey for Steam Locomotive Train 908
Location: Nakhon Pathom Railway Station
Company: SRT
Train: Steam Locomotive Train 908
Fare: THB 250 (onward ticket inclusive)
Timetable: 1630 Nakhon Pathom > 1820 Bangkok

*tickets are not sold for one way journeys.

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