Flight Review – Thai Airways TG402: Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Boeing 777-200

Thai Airways International is the national carrier of Thailand and a long standing airline on the Singapore – Bangkok sector, operating 4 to 5 return flights a day. The morning flight, TG402, gets you from Singapore at 8:15am and arrives in Bangkok at 9.35am.

TG402 is operated by a Boeing 777-200, a common widebody plane that Thai Airways uses for regional routes.

The aircraft comes in a 3-3-3 configuration. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a window seat this time since the flight was pretty full.

However, I got the bulkhead seat in the aft cabin, which is pretty awesome with the extra legroom.

The entertainment system is mounted on the bulkhead for this row of seats.

There was a choice of the Asian or Western breakfast as usual, and I’ve always picked the Western one. Well, perhaps today’s scrambled egg may leave me wanting for the Asian noodle option instead.

The headrest cover spots an ad for Thai Airways’ new flight to Vienna.

Disembarking from the plane.

A 470 meter walk to immigration.

Overall, the Boeing 777-200 is a bit of a dated product with an average fleet age of 15.8 years, it does the job of carrying passengers on a short 2-hour flight. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the new, quieter Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s, but with the ongoing fleet renewal, hopefully there will be better products to come.

On the bright side, the afternoon flights back to Singapore are more interesting.


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