Flight Review: Thai Airways TG409 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore by Airbus A350-900

Arriving from the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link City Line, it was time to get on the final leg of my Thailand trip, Thai Airways TG409 back home. The timing of this late afternoon flight back to Singapore works perfectly to maximise the day in Bangkok while not getting into Singapore too late.

Heading to queue up to check-in. The check-in rows are all for common international check-in, so it was a little bit of a wait.

My boarding pass for my Thai Airways TG409 flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore. Hmm, I’m not liking my gate position this afternoon.

Heading upstairs for security screening before immigration.

Security screening for international departures at Suvarnabhumi Airport are one level up above the check-in hall.

Once done, head downstairs for immigration.

It was quite a crowd at the immigration counters, but luckily as I am a Singaporean, I was able to use the auto gates which sped up my time at immigration to almost instantly.

Heading on to my gate.

My bus stop gate at D1A.

Surprisingly, boarding commenced rather early before the flight, probably for the extra time needed to bus to the plane.

Heading down to the bus lounge of Gate D1A.

Queuing up to get my boarding pass checked.

Boarding passes are checked just before heading down to the bus bay.

Heading down to the bus stand from the gate.

Heading out to the bus stand.

Boarding my bus to Singapore (?).

The interior of the apron bus. I seem to have an unfortunate affinity with apron buses in Bangkok nowadays with experiences here and here within such a short time.

The apron bus stopped short of the plane without opening its doors as the previous batch of passengers from the earlier bus had not cleared the area.

Heading out onto the apron to board my plane back to Singapore.

HS-THN “Khiri Rat Nikhom” was on duty for my Thai Airways TG409 flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore this time.

A close-up of the majestic Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines on the Airbus A350-900.

Heading up the sheltered mobile stairs.

The side view of Thai Airways’ Airbus A350-900.

The Economy Class interior of Thai Airways’ Airbus A350-900.

The reasonably generous legroom available on board.

The welcome screen on the IFE on board Thai Airways’ Airbus A350-900. It’s definitely a lot more intuitive than the older IFE system on board the 777s.

The entertainment system was available for use immediately, even before the safety video was played. Awesome.

It was a little bit of wait anyway for the rest of the passengers who were still coming on later buses. I wish the flight was this empty though, but it ended up pretty full.

The headphone jack and USB socket are found directly at the IFE screen.

The very full TG409 flight back to Singapore.

Shortly after the seat belt signs were switched off, dinner was served.

There was an option of fish or chicken, both with white rice. I opted for the chicken.

The non-spicy stir-fried chicken with garlic was pretty good. However, as I had a meal before boarding the flight, I didn’t finish up the rice and french beans.

The toilet on board the flight was kept rather clean too.

The nice and bright A350 sink area.

The standard divana spa Eau De Toilette AMRITA JASMINE found beside the sink, something that I do like to use on board Thai Airways.

Cabin lights were dimmed during the descend and switched off once everyone has settled into the darkness.

Playing around with the IFE and I found the menu of the dinner options on this flight.

The reasonably extensive drinks menu.

I also found the breakfast menu for my onward flight.

As I had no window beside me, I relied on the camera on the tail of the aircraft to see where I currently was, descending into Changi Airport.

Parked at the gate and stalking the aerobridge to see when the doors might open.

Disembarking from the aircraft.

Walking through the Royal Silk Class/Business Class section to disembark.

The solo seats by the window definitely offer more privacy than the one towards the aisle.

Heading to the terminal building.

Oh great. The queue poles seen upon entering the terminal only means one thing.

Queuing up for additional security screening upon disembarking from the plane. Fantastic end to the trip.

Heading onwards to arrival.

The best welcome sight when landing at Changi Airport – no queues at immigration for a smooth entry back home.

Heading to the belt through the duty free shops.

Baggage reclaim was at Belt 20. Hmm, why the bored crowd around the belt?


You can see why everyone’s upset – the flight landed at 8.15pm but the current time is 8.59pm. Definitely not the 10-minute plane-to-exit experience that Changi once had.

Once I picked up my bags about 10 minutes later, I headed to customs and the exit.

From the new arrival hall, I headed downstairs to catch my Grab back home after this long trip.

Overall, the Thai Airways flight itself was, well, smooth as silk, but unfortunately the ground experience in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and Singapore Changi Airport didn’t really leave me with a good start and end experience, with lots of waiting around from the check-in process and the bus to the plane, to additional security screening for both myself and my check-in bags resulting in delays to both on exit.

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