Thameslink 9T56 from Brighton to London St Pancras International by Train

Thameslink Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) Train from Brighton to London St Pancras International

Thameslink is a network of commuter trains running through a core north-south section of London to allow new and longer trains to travel between a wider range of stations without changing trains in London. After a short evening out in Brighton, I returned back to London St Pancras International with my Super Off-Peak Day Return ticket.

The façade of Brighton Railway Station at night.

Heading in to Brighton Railway Station.

I was greeted by a swarm of passengers staring up at the screens. I know checking platforms is a thing, but should this crowd be normal?

Turns out that there were a bunch of delays and cancellations at London Victoria, and no trains were going to London Victoria from Brighton.

And all those with Southern tickets would be directed on to my train to travel to London. Uh oh.

My Thameslink 9T56 from Brighton to London St Pancras International is on time so far, and will continue on to Bedford as scheduled.

My Super Off-Peak Day Return ticket for the trip back from Brighton to London St Pancras International.

Based on my predictions and double-checking on Realtime Trains, I entered through the gate line early without knowing my train’s platform. But with the many cancelled or truncated trains, it was fairly easy to identify which train would be in service.

The arriving train at Platform 4 would be my Thameslink 1925 9T56 train from Brighton to London St Pancras International

Some passengers who were even earlier than me snagged their declassified First Class seats early the moment incoming passengers alighted.

I headed up to the front of the train in the hopes of fewer people wanting to walk the length of 12 cars ahead.

While walking down the platform, my train’s details were flashed on the screens, causing the mad rush of entry through the gate line behind me.

This incoming train was supposed to go through London too and thereafter to Cambridge, but was truncated to Three Bridges due to shortage of train crew. Passengers towards Cambridge were, you guessed right, asked to board my train and change at London for another train to Cambridge.

The interior of the Thameslink British Rail Class 700 Desiro City before the train got very busy with combined passengers.

Expecting that the train will get crowded, I picked an airline seat early so that I could be a bit more comfortable by the window alone.

The airline seat comes with a flip-down table.

There are also handrails by the side of the seat for standees.

Passengers filled up quickly even in the front-most car.

As this was going to be an hour or so to London, passengers made use of luggage racks as seats too.

Surprisingly, my Thameslink 9T56 train departed on time at 7.25pm from Brighton despite the crowd. I did not take much pictures on this journey as it was already dark.

Gatwick Airport Railway Station

More passengers boarded at Gatwick Airport Railway Station which made this train really crowded. I’m happy I got my airline-style window seat early.

London Bridge Railway Station

Approaching London Bridge Railway Station.

Most passengers alighted at London Bridge Railway Station, at the fringe of the Thameslink core section.

A lot more breathing space now that most passengers have alighted.

London Blackfriars Railway Station

Making a brief stop at London Blackfriars Railway Station.

City Thameslink Railway Station

Making a brief stop at City Thameslink Railway Station.

Farringdon Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Farringdon Railway Station.

London St Pancras International Railway Station

My Thameslink 9T56 from Brighton arrived at London St Pancras International at 8.54pm – 4 minutes delayed.

This train will continue on to Bedford. The next few Thameslink trains have also been cancelled.

My Thameslink 9T56 from Brighton departing from London St Pancras International for Bedford.

Heading up the escalator to exit the station.

Not a good evening for Thameslink with all these cancellations.

Heading out from the gate line.


Overall, Thameslink’s Super Off-Peak Day Return ticket is a great and affordable way to take a day trip out of London which costed me only £9 return from London to Brighton.

Thameslink trains may stop at more stations than Southern, but I had the convenience of London St Pancras International being nearby to Travelodge London Kings Cross Royal Scot where I was staying at, and the travel time taken if I had went to London Victoria might have been more than the few additional minutes calling at a few more stations along the line, with the direct core section of Thameslink cutting through the city saving my city connection.

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