Hotel Review: Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre Twin Room

Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre Twin Room Review

Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre is the last remaining Tune Hotels hotel in the United Kingdom, and it was one of my goals to stay in it during my long Europe trip. With 1 night to spare in Liverpool, Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre was where I stayed at.

Most other UK Tune Hotel hotels have been rebranded to Point A Hotels in 2017.

Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre

Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre is located at 3–19 Queen Buildings, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4XE United Kingdom.

The familiar Tune Hotels logo can be seen at the hotel entrance.

Heading into Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre.


The familiar Tune Hotels branding at Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre, making me feel like I had just teleported to Malaysia.

The main difference to bring me back to reality was the price. Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre was not cheap even if compared to other hotels in Liverpool. But if you count their downtown location, it still works. I paid £88.63 for 1 night at Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre on agoda, which was cheaper than booking direct.

My room was at Hotel “B” at the back, giving me Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur vibes of having 2 buildings, which is today’s The Chow Kit and MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur respectively.

There is a maze of corridors with many rooms, to get to my room at the very end of the next building.

My room at 127.

Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre Twin Room

On first impression, the room that I got was huge for Tune Hotels standards. There’s lots of space around the 2 single beds in my room, as compared with the small rooms I’m used to in Malaysia.

A side table is placed between the 2 single beds in my Twin Room.

2 3-pin power sockets are available for this side table.

An in-room safe is under this side table.

Another side table with a reading lamp, 3-pin power sockets, and a heater is available by the window.

The view out of my window. This got noisy at night as there are pubs just below my room.

A hairdryer is available beside the full-height mirror.

A television is also available in the room.

The attached bathroom is behind the TV.

A small open wardrobe with 2 hooks and hangers is located outside the attached bathroom on the wall.

The interior of the attached toilet and shower. There are separate wet and dry areas for the shower and toilet respectively.

Bath towels are provided on the ledge in the toilet.

Soap and toilet paper is also provided.

A bathmat was placed in the shower

The standing shower in the attached bathroom.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the shower in my room with a lack of hot water, with only freezing cold water coming out with the cold weather outside. However, the issue was immediately fixed by the front desk with a room change to a neighbouring room. While I had hot water there, the room was considerably smaller, but still bigger than Malaysia standards.


Despite the high price, Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre is still one of the cheaper hotels in Liverpool, and possibly the cheapest available in the city centre itself if you do not drive.

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