Hotel Review: easyHotel London Luton Small Rooms with Window

easyHotel London Luton Small Rooms with Window Review

easyHotel is like the Tune Hotels of Europe, as it’s sort of part of easyGroup which owns easyJet and other brands, synonymous with a budget lifestyle. Following my many stays at Tune Hotels in Malaysia and the recent one at Tune Hotel Liverpool City Centre, it’s now time to try out an easyHotel, and easyHotel London Luton was the best fit for me during my trip.

Luton Railway Station

easyHotel London Luton is located just about 150 meters away from Luton Railway Station, where I had just alighted from the EMR Connect train from London. The busway to London Luton Airport also stops here.

The path from Luton Railway Station to easyHotel London Luton is fully pedestrianised.

easyHotel London Luton

The façade of easyHotel London Luton.

Heading in to easyHotel London Luton.

There was a bit of a wait for a staff to show up for check-in, but otherwise, everything was relatively fuss-free here.

Being a low-cost hotel operating on a low-cost carrier model, every extra service is chargeable, from faster WiFi and check-in/out times, to room cleaning (for longer stays) and luggage storage.

My room was on the first floor, up 1 level from the lobby by staircase.

The corridor of easyHotel London Luton with the orange branded doors to the rooms.

easyHotel London Luton Small Rooms with Window

I booked a Small Rooms with Window at easyHotel London Luton, which was exactly what it was. It was a small room with a window.

My easyHotel London Luton Small Rooms with Window basically consisted of a Queen-sized bed tucked into a corner, with a side table mounted to the wall. Towels are provided on the bed.

The window could not be opened, and it was quite stuffy during the day. Air-conditioning in rooms is not  really a thing in the UK.

2 3-pin power sockets are available below the wall-mounted side table, which is pretty much a shelf with brackets from IKEA.

A television was mounted to the wall, but there was no remote control, and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. Maybe it was a chargeable add-on as well.

There is a hybrid hook and hanger mounted on the wall.

The pre-fabricated toilet is compact but sufficiently comfortable.

The toilet is just beside the toilet door.

A shelf is available above the toilet bowl.

2 bottles of soap are provided by the sink and shower.

The shower area is a small circular area with a curtain to block off the shower spray to the rest of the toilet.


easyHotel London Luton makes Tune Hotels look luxurious with very basic offerings of smaller rooms and blemishes around the room fixtures. The room was also quite stuffy in the day, with the windows that could not be opened. What easyHotel London Luton offered, however, was a cheap room for my stay, and if looking at the price just for a place to sleep, or between transits at London Luton Airport, I guess it works out.

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