The Chow Kit Hotel Review • King Den Stay & Dine Experience with Free Dining Credits

The Chow Kit Hotel King Den Stay & Dine Experience with Free Dining Credits Review

Returning to Kuala Lumpur, I booked another Stay & Dine Experience package at The Chow Kit Hotel with an even better deal. For RM200 for a weekday night in The King Den, I would receive RM250 in free dining credits. On top of that, I was able to leave my big luggage in the hotel, which saves me the hassle of lugging it around Peninsular Malaysia.

After arriving from Kuala Lipis at Pekeliling Bus Terminal (Titiwangsa), I took the free Causeway Link GoKL Red Line bus to get to The Chow Kit Hotel.

Arrival & Check-in

I’ve described the arrival and check-in process at The Chow Kit Hotel in my previous stay on the same trip series here.

The King Den

The King Den has a bigger room space than The Den which I previously stayed in. As the name suggests, The King Den comes with a King-sized bed.

An open wardrobe and a sink is located by the room living area.

Two bottles of unlabelled Pendang Water are provided in The King Den.

With the bigger room space, The King Den has 2 lounge chairs in the room, as compared to The Den which only has 1.

Toilet & Bathroom

Both a handheld and rain shower are provided. And similar to Tune Hotels, a power shower was indeed provided, even if not advertised by The Chow Kit.

Notably, a bidet spray is not provided by the toilet bowl at The Chow Kit.

The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar

The main highlight of this stay is to eat at least RM250 worth of free food at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar. I was pretty successful in this department.

View The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar – All Day Dining Menu here.
View The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar – Beverage Menu here.

With a shared dinner, dishes were all served together.

I started my dinner with a half dozen Beef Satay again. (RM25 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

For the mains, it’s Malaysian this time with a Nyonya Kari Kapitan (Nyonya Chicken Curry). (RM45 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

The Nyonya Kari Kapitan was nicely simmered with a thick, dry curry that was not overly spicy to mask the spices in it. The chicken was tender, sliding off the bone easily, and perfect when combined with the curry.

Next is the Sotong Bakar (Grilled Squid). (RM70 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

This was interesting with a turmeric glaze, adding some light spice which goes well with the soft squid.

Following which was an interesting Short Ribs Rendang which is not normally used for rendang dishes. (RM65 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

The beef ribs were very tender, sliding off the bone when picking it up from the bowl. The rendang was also thick and dry which clung on to the beef well.

For a token vegetable, there was the Terung Balado (grilled eggplant). (RM22 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

This were soft, with the sambal berlada packing quite a punch.

For rice, Nasi Basmathi was available for RM5 + 10% service charge & 6% SST.

For a drink, I ordered the Spiced Nanas mocktail which is a mix of pineapple, coconut, falernum, lychee, and black pepper. (RM15 + 10% service charge & 6% SST)

The Spiced Nanas was quite interesting with the black pepper floating on top, adding spice to the sweet fruits as I sip the mocktail.

For dessert, I ordered the Musang King Custard. (RM32 + 10% service charge & 6% SST) Since I passed by Raub earlier, I thought it should be appropriate that I have durian.

This was excellent. Perhaps it’s not having durian for a long time, or having it in Malaysia, but the Musang King Custard here at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar is probably the best durian dessert I’ve ever had.

The custard was nicely smooth and sweet, and real durian flesh was in the middle of the ramequin. If you like durian, this dessert is for you.


Overall, The Chow Kit – An Ormond Hotel currently offers an excellent Stay & Dine Experience deal with free dining credits of the equivalent value of my room rate. I would totally recommend going for the Stay & Dine Experience with free dining credits any time, but I’m also worried that if too many people go for it, the deal would be gone in no time too.


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