Use Your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers With RailTravel Station!

If you are a Singapore Citizen aged 18 years and above, you would have received S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers by now, for everyone to spend to help support local tourism businesses. And if you’re like me avoiding the December rush of staycations and keeping vouchers for later, searching for good deals with Klook would be how I’m passing my free time before starting to book stuff from January onwards once everyone has returned to work or school.

Unlike some other websites claiming you can use your vouchers with them directly but instead send you on a clickbait to their OTA affiliate link immediately out of their website, I’ll be upfront about it and say that if you haven’t booked anything yet, you can use my affiliate link to book your Singapoliday with Klook.

You pay the exact same price as going to Klook directly, but this generates a small commission for me to help maintain RailTravel Station at no additional cost to you.

I thank you in advance!

I’ve placed a new “Use SingapoRediscovers Vouchers” button in the main menu of the website for you to click directly to Klook using my affiliate link.

You will end up at the Klook SingapoRediscovers Vouchers information page. If you see my blue logo up there co-branded with the Klook logo, thank you for contributing a small percentage of commission to me – at no extra cost to you!

Booking Klook activities with SingapoRediscovers Vouchers isn’t that complicated:

  1. Browse activities and experiences with the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers tag
  2. Add item(s) to cart
  3. When ready to pay, click on ‘Use SingapoRediscovers Vouchers’ at the checkout page
  4. Login using SingPass to choose the amount of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to redeem in denominations of $10
  5. Copy the generated voucher code and paste it at the checkout page
  6. Complete the checkout process within 10 minutes and enjoy your SingapoRediscovers experience!

If you’re jumping straight into staycations, simply click on the “Staycations” tab. Hotels which you can redeem your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers will be clearly marked with an “Eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers” tab. Do note that not all hotels or activities are eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers redemption.

Klook will also give you a FREE $50 Hotels Return Voucher when you book a staycation with SingapoRediscovers Vouchers with them, so you can get more free cash vouchers with your free SingapoRediscovers Vouchers!

If you want to strictly look at activities and experiences that are eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers, simply click on the “SingapoRediscovers Vouchers” tab and filter out what you like from there.

Book your Singapoliday with your free SingapoRediscovers Vouchers with Klook here!

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