Win Happy Minibus 81 from Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal to Bangkok Bang Yi Khan MRT Station by Bus

Win Happy Minibus 81 from Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal to Bangkok Bang Yi Khan MRT Station

Heading back to Bangkok from Kanchanaburi, I saw on TTS in the morning that the incoming Ordinary 257 train was massively delayed by about 3 hours, which means that the return train trip of Ordinary 258 back to Bangkok would be affected. Cutting my time losses, I opted to head back from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by bus instead which would be a lot more frequent.

Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal

Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal is located about 2km away from Kanchanaburi Railway Station and 5km away from River Kwai Bridge. Grab is readily available in Kanchanburi, though it isn’t very cheap. However, with a lack of a flag-down taxi-meter or motorbike taxi system in Kanchanburi, I took a Grab.

Heading into Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal. All ticket counters and berths are laid out in a single concourse area together, so it’s easy to find your counter and bus by simply walking through the concourse once.

There are a few companies operating the Kanchanaburi to Bangkok bus, so shop around to look for your preferred destination in Bangkok. Most will stop at the main Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) or Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Chatuchak), but shop around for other local destinations which may suit your journey better.

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Win Happy Minibus from Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal

Nearing 2pm, I sensed that the next Win Happy Minibus was going to depart with a few passengers already inside waiting, so I headed over to buy a ticket for an immediate departure.

The ticket counter of Win Happy Minibus is in front of their bus, identifiable with a happy face.

A variety of destinations are available from Win Happy Minibus, including Bang Yi Khan MRT Station after Major Cineplex Pinklao. As I was going to my hotel at Hua Lamphong, that would be the most convenient transfer option for me.

After buying my bus ticket, I was ushered to my seat by the Win Happy Minibus counter staff.

The interior of the Win Happy Minibus in a 2+1 seating configuration.

My Win Happy Minibus ticket from Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal to Bang Yi Khan MRT Station in Bangkok which costs 110 Baht.

Seat numbers are assigned – this is not a free seating bus.

I was given a front seat on the pair just behind the driver’s seat. While this has more legroom, my legs are propped up due to the shape of the bus floor.

USB charging sockets are provided at window seats on board the Win Happy Minibus.

A slight front view out of my seat before the other passengers from other stops come up to board.

My 2pm Win Happy Minibus departed from Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal at 2.03pm. Not too bad.

Heading out onto the main road.

There is a speedometer facing passengers on how fast the bus is going.

On the way to Bangkok, the Win Happy Minibus 81 uses Route 3548 through Tha Muang District instead of the main Thailand Asian Highway AH123 parallel to the railway tracks, stopping at other Win Happy offices along the way with more passengers.

Luggage is stored in the space behind the door.

More passengers boarded with a lot more luggage, including sacks of sugar. Thankfully, none spilled on my backpack.

Heading on to bigger roads once in Nakhon Pathom province.

At the Nakhon Pathom stop on the highway, the counter staff came on board to check everyone’s tickets. Following ticket checking, a toilet break was offered, though none of the passengers needed one.

Heading on at speed to Bangkok.

Approaching Nakhon Chaisi, the bus made a technical stop at Transport Co for the driver to report something to the counter. All non-local buses on the highway seem to make this stop.

Taking the route towards Pinklao.

Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)

Making a brief stop at the bus stop opposite Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).

Major Cineplex Pinklao

Making a brief stop at Major Cineplex Pinklao.

Approaching the MRT tracks after Major Cineplex Pinklao.

Approaching Bang Yi Khan MRT Station.

Bang Yi Khan MRT Station

My 2pm Win Happy Minibus arrived at Bang Yi Khan MRT Station at 4.26pm, making this a total journey time of 2 hours 26 minutes based on scheduled departure time. This is about half an hour faster than the Ordinary 258 train journey from Kanchanaburi to Thonburi which takes 2 hours and 55 minutes.

The Win Happy Minibus will continue to make stops on the way to Mo Chit Bus Terminal, where it terminates.

The lift up to Bang Yi Khan MRT Station concourse is just after the drop-off point.

Bang Yi Khan MRT Station is located just beside Indy Market, which makes for a convenient dinner spot if arriving in the evening if you want a break after the bus ride before catching the MRT onwards to your destination.

Heading through the ticket gates at Bang Yi Khan MRT Station.

From here, I caught the MRT Blue Line onwards to Hua Lamphong.


The Win Happy Minibus journey was a good journey as I boarded it just before departure time, with fixed reserved seats for all passengers. This bus journey is also not as inspiring as the train with a fully-seated 2.5 hours ride with typical roadside views and no on-board toilets available, but USB charging sockets and air-conditioning was offered, which I appreciated. The bus is also not too big, so passengers fill the bus up easily and there’s no waiting around to hawk for more passengers at any stop.

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