YBS Airport Bus: Yangon International Airport to Downtown Yangon and Yangon Railway Station by Airport Bus

Yangon International Airport is the gateway to Myanmar, and is served by a very efficient airport bus route linking Yangon International Airport with Downtown Yangon. As compared with getting a taxi from the ranks or a limousine service, the YBS Airport Bus would be quite a good alternative when you factor in the traffic jams in Yangon. And with fares of just 500 Kyats (~S$0.43), it certainly is the cheapest way to get to the city.

The bus stop of the YBS Airport Bus is conveniently located just outside the pick-up/drop-off driveway.

Many buses are waiting at the bus stop, departing at very short intervals.

The buses on the YBS Airport Bus are all brand new.

There are two possible routes that the bus may take between Yangon International Airport and downtown Yangon:

The Red Line takes a eastern route between Yangon International Airport and Sule/Yangon Railway Station via Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Green Line takes a western route between Yangon International Airport and Sule/Yangon Railway Station via Pyay Road.

However, buses seem to run as a circular loop, so the Red Line bus will return to the airport as the Green Line, and vice-versa.

To check on the bus route, look out for the A4 piece of paper as displayed on the windscreen. However, if you are heading to Sule, the route doesn’t really matter since both routes’ looping point is right there. Just hop on the first bus departing.

The YBS Airport Bus awaiting departure from Yangon International Airport. This will be the Green Line bus via Pyay Road. Buses seem to depart every 5 minutes on alternate routes.

The flat fare for the YBS Airport Bus costs 500 Kyats (~S$0.43).

Drop the exact fare into the fare box. No change is issued.

The interior of the YBS Airport Bus.

The single seats at the front of the bus offer more luggage space with the wider aisle.

The view of the YBS Airport Bus interior from the rear.

The YBS Airport Bus also makes a stop at the domestic terminal, before departing for the city.

Heading off to the city via Pyay Road.

The route to the city is rather scenic with lots of greenery around.

The YBS Airport Bus also takes some sort of highway, so the journey speed is rather similar to getting a taxi.

Approaching the city, the jam is usually caused by Yangon’s famous traffic lights.

Passing by Shwedagon Pagoda from afar.

Passing by the National Museum.

Passing by Sein Gay Har Super Centre. You may change to the Yangon Circular Railway here at Pyay Road Railway Station.

Passing by City Mall St. John.

Passing by Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Passing by Junction City and Bogyoke Aung San Market.

The YBS Airport Bus then takes a right turn towards Sule Pagoda.

The bus stop for Sule is opposite.

Looping around Sule Pagoda.

Passing by Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque.

Making a stop at Sule Pagoda. This would be the main bus stop for most passengers.

The YBS Airport Bus then continues on to Yangon Railway Station.

Crossing over the railway tracks.

Arriving at Yangon Railway Station.

From here, the Green Line bus continues on the Red Line to return to Yangon International Airport.

The YBS Airport Bus stops right outside Yangon Railway Station on the main long-distance trains side. To get to the Yangon Circular Railway side, cross the pedestrian overhead bridge ahead.

The YBS Airport Bus is a great way to get between Yangon International Airport and Downtown Yangon in air-conditioned comfort, without needing to wait too long for the next bus and at a really cheap price too. If you’re on a budget, you should definitely try the YBS Airport Bus.

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