Flight Review: AirAsia AK1792 from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu by Airbus A320-200

AirAsia flies from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu twice a day, with the evening flight being AirAsia AK1792 departing at 5.35pm, perfect for an early start the next day in KK. The flight time also allows for a quick weekend getaway with just a half day’s leave from work.

Heading to the FAST Check-in kiosks to print out my boarding pass.

My boarding pass for my AirAsia AK1792 flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu.

Heading into the transit area after immigration an security screening through the duty-free shops.

The transit area of Terminal 4.

Still a long way to go for my flight as I reached the airport early. I went off to get lunch and relax in the Blossom – SATS & Plaza Premium Lounge while waiting for my flight.

Heading to the gate just before boarding calls were made.

Boarding my AirAsia AK1792 flight at Gate G8.

9M-AQD in Universiti Putra Malaysia livery on duty for my AirAsia AK1792 flight to KK.

Heading down to the aerobridge.

Boarding the Airbus A320-200.

My seat for the 2-hour hop to KK.

Now that I’m flying AirAsia more and more often, I actually appreciate the old seats as they actually offer more space.

Free ROKKI Wi-Fi for streaming entertainment is also available on the flight.

As I got an aisle seat for this flight, this is all the views that you’ll be getting on this post.

For dinner, I ordered the Nasi Kandar with Chicken Varuval for S$4.

The Nasi Kandar comes with Basmati rice, chicken varuval and cabbage, along with a curry drizzle. The smell of Nasi Kandar is definitely there in the box, but I guess it’s one of those dishes where the messier it looks and with whatever you choose, the better it tastes, and probably will not be ideal if a set choice of items come in a pre-packed box.

As the entertainment choices were also slightly limited, and I had used up my 3MB data from the Chats Plan I bought on the ROKKI Wi-Fi, I used my back-up offline entertainment system of the “Flying High: My Story: From AirAsia to QPR” book by Tony Fernandes. However, instead of purchasing a copy from the duty free cart, I borrowed mine from the National Library Board.

Sorry Tony for not boosting your sales.

The rather clean toilet on board the flight.

Facial tissues are available in the toilet.

The flight touched down into KKIA at 7.38pm – 27 minutes early.

Disembarking via the aerobridge.

Looking back at 9M-AQD in Universiti Putra Malaysia livery.

Heading up to the transit area.

Heading to arrival immigration.

Immigration was surprisingly quick as there was no other international flights arriving during that time and I didn’t head to the toilet for a break in the terminal, allowing me to bypass the rest of the passengers who have alighted first. And with no check-in bags to collect, I headed straight out through customs to exit into Malaysia.

With the earlier arrival, I brisk walked over to the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus counter to hopefully catch the 8pm bus which was departing really soon.

Overall, another cheap and good flight with AirAsia with the tasty dinner and great flight timing to get a full day the next day in KK.

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