Flight Review – AirAsia AK407: Padang to Kuala Lumpur by Airbus A320neo

With the early arrival schedule of the Minangkabau Express, I arrived at Minangkabau International Airport slightly more than 2 hours before my AirAsia AK407 flight to Kuala Lumpur. Again, this was a reroute from my initial booking on Indonesia AirAsia QZ141 which got terminated, similar to my onward flight, as such, I had to go through KL in order to get a connection back to Singapore.

Hmm… Something new at Minangkabau International Airport this time – self check-in kiosks.

I tried to reprint my boarding pass here despite the departure screen not showing that my flight was ready for check-in yet, but it worked.

The kiosk is of Angkasa Pura II’s own interface and not of AirAsia’s though. Despite having already checked-in online, I still had to scan my passport for verification. The passport scanner was also quite tricky to use, with 5 tries needed in total on both kiosks (the one on the left didn’t register my passport at all).

And out comes my receipt-like boarding pass.

If I had a check-in bag, a self-service baggate tag would probably come out of this slot.

Once that was done, I proceeded to enter the terminal building through initial security.

Luckily, I had printed my boarding pass outside as there are only baggage drop counters open at the AirAsia check-in row.

Heading straight up to the transit area as I had no bags to check-in.

Heading into the queue for security screening.

With 2 hours to spare in the small terminal, I headed up to the Banua Premiere Lounge to wait for my flight. (Details in linked post.)

9M-AGZ on duty for my AK407 flight today.

After spotting the arrival of my plane from the Banua Premiere Lounge, I headed down to immigration and final security screening before entering the international gate area.

The third and final security screening, for international flights. Security screening is rather strict here, perhaps overly strict for my comfort, with even empty mineral water bottles not allowed through this checkpoint.

After immigration and a tar off my boarding pass, I was in the gate hold room for international flights.

Passengers queuing up to board the AirAsia AK407 flight to klia2.

I decided to board last since it was just a short flight.

Heading down the aerobridge to the plane.

The interior of AirAsia’s new Airbus A320neo.

Looking at the future terminal expansion of Minangkabau International Airport.

The tighter legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo. There is an additional row of seats (Row 32) on this aircraft which is probably the cause for it.

The plane wasn’t too full on this morning flight from Padang to KL.

Goodbye Minangkabau International Airport Railway Station.

Pushing back from the gate.

Thankfully I didn’t have to walk on the tarmac to board my AirAsia flight, unlike this Sriwijaya Air flight.

Taxiing to and on the runway.

Making a u-turn for take-off.

Taking off from Padang with an excellent view of the coast.

Making a loop towards the left to head towards KL.

MInangkabau International Airport from above.

Heading above the clouds to cruising altitude.

After the seatbelt signs were switched off, my meal was served.

I pre-booked the new Chicken Teriyaki with Rice for S$4 along with a meal upsize with a side and dessert for S$2.

The chicken tasted quite alright and Japanese-y, with the slices looking suspiciously similar to Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice. However, the rice was just plain white rice which was not really to my liking.

In comparison, the potato salad was sauce-y and flavourful. Luckily I had maximised my meal so I had a good substitute to the plain rice.

The S$2 meal upsize also came with a Chocolate Banana Muffin which was sweet and moist. With the cheap food available on board, I don’t eat at airports before my AirAsia flights nowadays.

After the meal service, a cabin crew came around with a donation box for victims of the Palu earthquake.

Leaving mainland Indonesia.

Crossing into mainland Malaysia.

It was a quick approach with a simple left turn to the runway heading.

Arrived into KL on time.

Taxiiing to klia2.

Passing under the klia2 Skybridge. Will it be a left turn so that I can walk a shorter distance to immigration?

Ah crap.

Parking at Pier P.

Heading to the terminal building through the aerobridge.

The arrivals level is one floor up through the ramp.

There is one travellator on the way to the Skybridge.

The bane of most travellers to klia2 – the legendary Skybirdge.

As I had a self-chosen long transit, I headed out to KL city to spend the rest of the half day.

Heading up to the Skybridge.

There seems to be a buggy service on the bridge, but this was unstaffed.


Why am I not surprised that the travellator is down.

Not sure if KLIA or klia2 is worse off in terms of functionality nowadays.

Finally at the main terminal building.

And… the escalator down to the immigration hall is down.

Heading down the steps to enter Malaysia.

Luckily, the final escalator was working well.

As I was one of the first to disembark, immigration was a breeze and I was out within a minute.

Walking through the Erawan Duty Free shops.

Breezing through the baggage reclaim area since I had no bags.

Heading out of the baggage reclaim area through customs.

And a “Welcome to Malaysia” sign before exiting to the public area.

A familiar sight outside at gateway@klia2, though it looks too much like a downtown shopping mall now.

Overall, yet another good flight with AirAsia, despite this reroute. I guess since I got a really low fare on this flight, I didn’t have much expectations to begin with, so the overall frills I paid for at an equally reasonable price was enough to satisfy me.

From here, I headed down to the Transportation Hub to catch a worrying Skybus to KL Sentral.

Stay tuned.


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