Flight Review: AirAsia AK512 from Kuala Lumpur (klia2) to Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport) by Airbus A320-200

I opted to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi rather than straight from Singapore as there was an AirAsia low fare promotion which made the all-in fare from KL cheaper than the new airport tax for departures from Singapore, so the slight additional inconvenience of travelling overnight to KL but having a nice breakfast in the capital city was all worth it.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 02

I pre-booked my SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures) ticket when I booked my ticket, so it was just an RM8.90 (~S$2.96) express bus transfer from KL Sentral to klia2.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 04

Redeeming my SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures) ticket at the KL Sentral counter with my AirAsia AK512 boarding pass.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 05

The AirAsia pre-book SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures) ticket issued at KL Sentral.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 03

I was one of the last few passengers to board the bus, so it was just less than 5 minutes of waiting before the bus departed at 10.00am.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 06

The receipt ticket for the SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures) still showed the fare as RM12.00 rather than the lower pre-booked price.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 07

The view of the ride from my aisle seat. (The red seat covers make me feel like I’m seated on an AirAsia Hot Seat – cheap thrills.)

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 08

The driver drove safely and smoothly throughout the ride. However, there were signs around with hotlines to call if there were any problems with the driver during the journey, so that could have been an effective deterrent.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 09

The SkyBus journey from KL Sentral to klia2 took around an hour, and I arrived at around 11am.

AeroSky Ventures AirAsia Pre-Book KL Sentral klia2 KULHAN 10

Heading up to gateway@klia2 to walk to the passenger terminal building.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 001AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 002

The klia2 sign before the entrance to the main terminal building has been decked out in Merdeka colours for August.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 003

The rather famous check-in hall of klia2.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 004

Boarding passes can be printed from the kiosks around the check-in hall if you haven’t done so at home.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 006

I used the boarding pass printed at home instead.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 005

Heading for immigration.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 007

Carry-on baggage will be measured and weighed by the ground staff should they find that your bag may be exceeding the allowance. However, I was waved through this part with my rather flat backpack and a small camera bag.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 008AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 009

Looks like my flight AK512 will be departing from Gate L14 at Pier L of the main terminal building.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 010

Immediately after security clearance after immigration, I headed down for security clearance to enter the pier. 🙄

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 011

The very dry and linear walk to the gate after security. The only plus point I can see here as compared with KLIA is that I can fill my water bottle with water after security and before boarding the plane, which is not possible at KLIA’s security checks before entering the gate hold room, saving me RM4 instead of buying water off AirAsia on board.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 012

Gate L14, which I almost missed because it was literally a small corridor along the purple wall.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 013

Lines were set up down at the gate hold room in separate boarding zones.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 014

I was in boarding zone 2, the middle queue line.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 015

At around 12.50pm, 10 minutes after the supposed departure time, the gate was open for passengers to board the plane.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 016

Will there be roKKi WiFi to entertain me for this 3 hour flight?

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 017

Oh, unfortunately not.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 018AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 019

The upfront Hot Seats, which I’m not sitting in.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 020

I’m seated somewhere at the back instead, at Seat 21C.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 021

The view of the window from my aisle seat.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 022

The legroom available on board the Airbus A320.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 023

The AirAsia logo embossed on the Airbus A320 seats.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 024

Once the announcement was made for cabin crew to arm the doors, I hopped over to Row 20 in front of me as the whole row was empty. Yay to more space for this 3-hour flight!

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 025

Bye Kuala Lumpur, it felt as if like I just got here. Oh wait.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 026AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 027

Taking off from klia2.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 028AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 029

Flying over Putrajaya.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 030AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 031

Flying over Kajang and MRT Kajang Depot.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 032

Steadily climbing over the Titiwangsa Range.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 033

I decided to splurge on 2 meals on this 3-hour flight since 2 meals is just a small top up from the sides top-up. I chose the new Spiral Pasta and the Emperor Fried Rice which I’ve been wanting to try.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 034

The new Spiral Pasta actually tastes amazing for in-flight food, I would say it’s the best pasta dish I’ve ever had on a flight, and that includes those served on full-service airlines. The sauce is very evident and consistent, and didn’t go totally dry, which is quite a difficult thing to master for in-flight meals. If there’s a slight inconvenience to feedback on, it would be that the cheese was a little bit too concentrated in the middle, causing about half the portion to stick on the lid, so it was a slight mess when opening, and of course, disappointing that some good cheese has burnt onto the lid.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 035

I was expecting the Emperor Fried Rice to be a little bit buttery, albeit like a Eurasian-style dish with curried chicken, but it turned out to be a Thai Pineapple Fried Rice instead. Oh well, curiosity satisfied, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again any time soon with the other options on the menu that I prefer.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 036

As my flight was just after the announcement that AirAsia is once again the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the 10th successive year in the Skytrax World Airline Awards, a pack of #WeAreAllChampions cards was handed out during the meal, which includes Ben Proud, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers, Roberto Carlos, and a pseudo-mirror for your face (which means you) to be shown on the card.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 037

It was a relatively uneventful flight after the meal.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 038

Descending into Hanoi.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 039AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 040AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 041AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 042AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 043AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 044AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 045

Touching down in Noi Bai International Airport, marking my first time arriving by air into Vietnam on my third trip.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 046AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 047AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 048

Passing by Terminal 1, the Domestic Terminal of Noi Bai Airport.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 049AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 050

The new Terminal 1 Extension looks more like a modern bus terminal for planes instead, with no contact gates.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 051

Planes are parked in front of the terminal, but I guess it’s quite an experience to walk on the tarmac to the plane – provided it isn’t raining.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 052AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 053

Heading to Terminal 2, the International Terminal of Noi Bai Airport.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 054AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 055AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 056

I have to admit – the terminal looks better than I expected.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 058AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 059

Turning into the gate. Thankfully there will be an aerobridge, after passing all the planes parked at remote stands at Terminal 1.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 060AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 061AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 062

Disembarking from the plane on a comfortable and convenient aerobridge.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 063

Hello Hanoi and hello left-hand drive.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 064AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 066

Heading on travellators from the gate to the immigration area.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 067

Immigration took less than 10 minutes, as most incoming passengers had to do their Visa on Arrival at another counter instead.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 068

With no check-in baggage, I headed straight out of the baggage reclaim area and customs, to be greeted with this modern airport look.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 069

SIM Cards can be purchased here, however, I did not check on the prices.

AirAsia AK512 KUL HAN 070

From here, I continued my journey into town with the Hanoibus Airport Bus Service 86.

Overall, it was a great flight at ~S$50 all-in after the convenience fee, excluding my meals and the SkyBus ticket, which I couldn’t even buy now even if there were AirAsia Free Seats from Singapore as the new Airport Tax at S$47.30 + S$4 NETS convenience fee would already cost more than that. The crew were generally friendly and the temperature on board was cool and comfortable.

Perhaps this is the future for cheap short-haul international flights from Singapore – to take the bus to KL first and fly out from there.


      1. If you have the aircraft registration that would be best to confirm. However, in one of your photo, the safety card shows as Airbus A320-200. AirAsia neo models would state them inside as “Airbus A320-200neo”. Your interior photo shows that the seats are on the old version, which has better padding and at thick width, while newer models would have a slim back design, which are fitted in all of AirAsia neo aircraft.

        1. Oh yes, I totally missed looking at that portion. Thanks for looking out. The article has been edited to reflect the correct aircraft type of Airbus A320-200.

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