Flight Review – AirAsia AK6045: Johor Bahru (Senai International Airport) to Kuala Lumpur (klia2) by Plane

Since I’ve completed London to Bali overland without flying one-way in between, I figured it’s time to go back to sane travels where I get to my destination however I want to, even if it might be faster by land.

After arriving by bus from JB Sentral, I went to check out my flight details and to get my boarding pass reprinted.

Looks clear for now, good thing I’m not on the MH1040 to KL instead which I almost got myself booked on.

The AirAsia Self Check-In Kiosks are located just before the departure hall.

Heading for security checks to enter the transit area.

The current transit area of Senai looks like a huge mess now though, but I think they’re splitting the international and domestic areas unlike the current system where you could choose to get your passport stamped or otherwise.

The neater but unused part of the terminal building.

The delayed MH1040 to KL. Might be faster for the passengers to get to KL if they had gone to Larkin to get a bus instead.

An announcement was made that AK6045 would be departing from Gate 3 instead of the listed Gate 2, probably since the MH plane was blocking the way and that the AirAsia plane from Sibu went to Gate 3 instead.

My plane ready to depart as soon as it arrived.

Queuing for boarding seems to be necessary since the AirAsia staff would come around and tear off your boarding passes in the queue rather than at the counter ahead.

Bye MH.

First time I’m seeing this on AirAsia – in-flight WiFi. Could also say about how long I’ve not flown with AirAsia.

The view of the cabin from my seat. Shall explore the WiFi later.

Pushing back from the gate.

The standard safety demonstration before the flight, only that the automated announcements were only made in Bahasa Malaysia.

Glad I’m not boarding from here.

Passing by the Sultan’s hangar.

Waiting for an incoming Malindo to land before the runway is cleared for take-off.

A rare gem of the Antonov 124 at Senai.

Some other rotting 747s just behind the Antonov. Hopefully this isn’t the Antonov’s fate too.

This flight was pretty comfortable thanks to the lack of seat neighbours.

Flying over the Muar River.

Shortly after the fasten seat belts sign was turned off, the roKKi WiFi system was switched on. Surprisingly, the entertainment options were free of charge.

The video stream was as good as a connection on the ground, but this might have been some sort of intranet instead.

If you want to surf actual internet, you can get a 3MB chats plan for RM9 or a 10MB internet plan for RM18.

It’s not worth to purchase any on this flight unless it’s an emergency because you get 6 minutes of WiFi in total – the plane is ready to descend.

As quickly as they were switched off, the fasten seat belt signed is turned on again.

Passing over Tanjung Tuan.

Passing over Port Dickson.

On approach to klia2.

The AirAsia X Airbus A330 in the “A Truly Passionate Allstar” livery, dedicated to the late Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, former COO of AirAsia X.

Turning to the gates.

Stopping at J13, the second last gate of the pier. Seriously, all these empty gates and we parked here.

Transpotting from the plane. Not taking this to KL Sentral though.

A look at the interior of the cabin after most passengers have disembarked.

The slightly messy and crammed interior of the klia2 domestic pier.

The sole shopping area just before baggage reclaim.

Passing through here since I have no check-in baggage, just like most passengers on domestic flights.

Heading towards the klia2 Transportation Hub for my bus to KL Sentral.


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