Malaysia VTL On-Arrival RT-PCR Swab Test in klia2 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Experience

On-Arrival RT-PCR Swab Test in klia2 Kuala Lumpur for Vaccinated Travel Lane (Air) [VTL (Air)]

As part of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (Air) [VTL (Air)] to Malaysia, there will be an on-arrival RT-PCR swab test in KLIA or klia2 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before VTL travellers are able to proceed for immigration. Here’s my experience on entering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the on-arrival RT-PCR swab test in klia2.

Pre-booking for On-Arrival RT-PCR Swab Test in klia2 Kuala Lumpur for Vaccinated Travel Lane (Air) [VTL (Air)]

Pre-bookings can be made for the on-arrival RT-PCR swab test in KLIA or klia2 online here. Do note that a confirmed negative pre-departure PCR test result is necessary to proceed with the booking. As such, the pre-booking can only essentially be done only 1 day before departure.

Remember to choose Vaccinated Travel Lane if you are on a VTL (Air) flight.

On the next page, you can choose between a RT-q PCR Rapid Molecular Test which takes 1.5 hours, and a normal RT-PCR Test which takes 3 hours.

  • RT-q PCR Rapid Molecular Test (1.5 hours): Malaysians RM370 (~S$119.86) / Foreigners RM470 (~S$152.25)
  • RT-PCR Test: 3 hours: Malaysians RM250 (~S$80.99) / Foreigners RM350 (~S$113.38)

Fill up the details on the next page.

Payment can be done using a credit card or PayPal.

Once payment is done, a receipt and voucher with QR code will be sent by email. Remember to save this voucher with QR code in your phone and/or print it out.

Arrival at klia2

My AirAsia AK710 flight arrived at klia2 Gate P6. This seems to be a designated VTL (Air) gate as the aerobridge leads directly to the BP Health Screening Centre.

BP staff are on hand to issue blue wristbands. This must be worn at all times from here till clearing immigration, as only those with blue wristbands (ie VTL travellers) are exempt from quarantine.

The “world class designed lounge” at klia2 is divided into 3 sections, which BP staff will classify based on showing your QR code for them after heading up the ramp from the aerobridge.

Those with 1 hour Rapid RT-PCR test pre-bookings will be ushered to the front portion of the contact pier.

Those with 3 hour RT-PCR test pre-bookings will remain around the main area of the contact pier around Gate P6.

Those without prior bookings will be ushered to the back portion of the contact pier for registration and payment later. This means that those with pre-bookings will mostly be swabbed first.


A BP staff will call VTL travellers row by row in batches of 5 to 6 people to queue up for the RT-PCR test.

At klia2, there are no self registration kiosks as advertised in the video. Instead, a BP staff behind the manual counter will scan your QR code before issuing you with 3 labels.

Thereafter, queue for swabbing in front of the swabbing station with the 3 labels.

The swab test was done very efficiently and with minimal discomfort. First, I was swabbed in my mouth, and thereafter, on 1 nostril.

And that was it.

Now, it’s just waiting for a negative result.


The “world class designed lounge” as advertised in the video, but at klia2, is really just rows of seats laid out like a gate hold room, just like, well, a low cost carrier terminal.

There are no individual seats or power sockets as advertised.

There are only 2 charging sockets at the charging station in the “world class designed lounge”.

There’s a Hotlink counter in the world class designed lounge selling 3 types of packages. Unfortunately, no other packages are on offer, neither are individual SIM cards or top up cards available.

I got myself the RM60 package to save some purchasing time after immigration, in case I need to catch the hourly KLIA Ekspres (Transit?) to KL Sentral.

There are also food and snacks available for sale, if takeaway Marrybrown is your thing.

As for me, I pre-booked an additional Santan meal on my AirAsia AK710 flight which I had before writing this article.

MAHB and BP staff are also on hand to hand out bottled water to waiting travellers.

Negative RT-PCR Test Result

The negative RT-PCR test result was sent by WhatsApp with a link to the .pdf document, slightly less than 3 hours after taking my swab test.

Show the .pdf document of the negative result to the BP staff at the front of the lounge, and then scan the MySejahtera code.

I have always dreaded the arrival walk on the klia2 Skybridge, but this time, it felt like a victory march.

Thereafter, walk to immigration, and clear immigration as per normal, following the VTL signs.

No further checks were made by immigration.

Baggage reclaim for VTL travellers is at Belt 10.

After collecting any check-in baggage, proceed for customs clearance as per normal.

And welcome to Malaysia.

From the exit point, you are free to roam around the airport and leave as per normal.

The Hotlink outlet at klia2 was closed when I exited. I’m not sure if this is a working hour closure or temporary shut down. But it seems like my slightly more expensive Hotlink SIM card purchased at the world class designed lounge was kind of worth it I guess, lest I go without data until I reach KL.


The experience at klia2 was direct and fuss-free, with no checks made for any more documents after the initial verification by AirAsia at Changi Airport prior to departure. This also means no reminders of any Days 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 testing, but nevertheless, I will definitely do it lest I encounter any issues with any government bodies.


  1. Expecting the average foreign tourist to visit Malaysia or Singapore during this ‘omicron’ phase is basically asking for economic oblivion. Look on the bright side. You may become 3rd world poor but at least you will be ‘almost’ covid free.

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