ARS Kualanamu: Medan City Railway Station to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport by Airport Rail Link

Connecting from my KA43 Sribilah Pagi from Rantau Prapat, I headed up to the Medan City Railink Station directly from Platform 1 of Medan Railway Station.

With my KA43 Sribilah Pagi arriving at 1.15pm, I had just 15 minutes to get my connection to the U24 Railink to Kuala Namu International Airport.

The Medan City Railink Station departure area is just upstairs of Platform 1 of Medan Railway Station.

I got my ticket directly from the ticket counter, paying in cash. Tickets at the Go Show counter cost Rp. 100,000.

Crossing over the linkbridge to the Railink platforms.

Once at the fare gate, insert the white card into the fare gate and you are on your way.

Heading down to the Railink platform.

Boarding the Railink to Kuala Namu International Airport.

The interior of the Railink.

My receipt for this train journey. Despite there being a seat number printed on the receipt, it seems like everyone was just taking an available seat since the train isn’t sold out.

Looking back at the Sribilah Pagi which I just alighted from.

Departing from Medan City Railink Station.

Passing by the last buffer stops of Medan Railway Station.

Goodbye Medan traffic.

Hmm, looks familiar.

The view of the Railink train from my seat.

Taking a left curve while exiting from Medan City.

Running parallel to the future elevated railway.

The typical scenery for the journey to Kuala Namu International Airport.

Taking a nice right curve at Deli Serdang just before Araskabu station.

Arrived at Araskabu station to cross with the Medan-bound Railink.

Crossing with the Medan-bound Railink at Araskabu.

Splitting off the mainline after Araskabu to head for Kuala Namu International Airport.

Passing under Jalan Bandara Kuala Namu.

Entering the Kuala Namu International Airport compounds.

Approaching Kualanamu Airport Railink Station.

Crossing over to Platform 3.

Entering Kualanamu Airport Railink Station.

The station master’s office is located at the end of the platform.

An empty stretch of platform follows, reserved for potential future extensions.

Arriving at Kualanamu Airport Railway Station.

Disembarking at Platform 3 from the Railink.

From the arrival platforms, there is a dedicated travellator linkway to lead you on the path to the departures level.

Ascending up to the departures level of the Airport Railway Station.

Most if not all of the shop lots were closed at this level.

Once done walking through this level, a linkbridge is up ahead to cross over the driveway and ascend up to the departure hall of the terminal building.

Crossing over the arrival driveway.

The second and last set of travellators to get to the departure hall.

Once up here, it’s the usual security screening just like all other Indonesian airports before entering the check-in area for my flight back to Singapore.

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