Flight Review – Jetstar Asia 3K284: Medan (Kuala Namu International Airport) to Singapore (Changi Airport Terminal 1) by Airbus A320-200

Jetstar Asia 3K284 is the only afternoon flight departing from Medan back to Singapore. For my Sunday flight, it departed at 4.20pm – which was a pretty tight connection from my other train rides – but everything went smooth, so, here I am.

Jetstar does not offer their online check-in service at Medan, so I had to queue at the check-in counter the traditional way.

My boarding pass for my flight back to Singapore.

Once done with check-in, cross over to the other island to enter the departure area.

At the security screening before entering the departure area, you need to scan your boarding pass at the gates to enter. However, as the print on my boarding pass was rather weak, I was unable to scan it. Nevertheless, the security people allowed me to enter through a side gate.

Once done with the security screening, head down to the departure area. This initial section is for domestic flights.

For international flights, head left towards Gates 1 to 4.

Go through security screening again (!!!) and thereafter clear immigration to enter the international departure area.

The departure area for international flights.

Jetstar Asia flight 3K283 touching down at Kuala Namu International Airport, which will form my 3K284 flight back to Singapore.

However, the plane proceeded to park at Gate 1 instead, so it was a mass of people changing gates from the initial Gate 3 to Gate 1.

The new departure gate for 3K284.

Once passed through Gate 1, a left turn is required to get to Gate A where the plane is actually parked. Seems that the gate numbers are just to process passengers while the actual plane is parked on an alphabetical gate.

Heading down the aerobridge to the plane.

Seems like there’s about an extra inch of legroom on Jetstar with the absence of the seat pocket.

The seat pocket is instead on top of the seat in front at eye-level.

The view of the plane from my seat.

I had the whole row to myself on this flight, which was pretty lucky since it wasn’t exactly the emptiest flight I’ve taken in my life. Here’s the legroom available.

Taxiing away from the terminal building.

Bye Medan.

Looking back at Kuala Namu International Airport.

The flight offered a pretty good view of the sea and ground below thanks to the lack of clouds.

The overall look of the washroom on board. Real paper towels were provided – a plus point from me.

Approaching Changi Airport from the south from Batam Island.

Flying past the Port of Sekupang.

Crossing the Singapore Strait.

Landed at Changi Airport on time.

Approaching the “home” of Jetstar and Qantas at Terminal 1.

Disembarking from the plane.

Overall, Jetstar was a fuss-free and uneventful way to get from Medan to Singapore since I just needed a mode of transport to get home without any expectations set. As with all other budget airlines, I’ll usually choose whichever has the best fare and flight timing combination.

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