Dang Wangi/Laoximen 老西门 LRT Station

Thinking of going to Shanghai? Now you can get there by rapidKL! Just hop off at Dang Wangi station!

Oh wait, it’s just a filming set.

Dang Wangi LRT Station on the rapidKL Kelana Jaya Line was used as a fiming set from 10-12 June 2015. Part of the platform was changed to Laoximen Station on the Shanghai Metro Line 10 to accomodate the shooting.

About half the platform’s decals were changed to match the actual Laoximen station in Shanghai.

The only things that were not changed was the platforms, the trains, and the passengers.

I’m not sure what show they were filming or where they were from, but if you see Laoximen station on a television variety show one day, remember that it may not be shot in China after all!

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