Day 34: Angkor Small Circuit – Angkor Thom

When I got back to the tuk tuk, I found my driver sleeping in a hammock he fashioned on the tuk tuk itself. Guess my visit was faster than the regular tourists around. Since I was feeling hungry and I didn’t want to disturb him yet, I opted to have lunch first.

I opted for a motorbike food cart as my restaurant of the day, and got a packet of fried noodles with some vegetables and mystery meat for US$1. While it’s really cheap as compared to the official-looking stalls and restaurants around, I believe that the locals would get it for even cheaper. I’m not complaining though.

Off for Angkor Thom. The roads and “vegetation” around the main road near Angkor Wat were modern and neat, but it kind of destroys the ancient image of Angkor Wat. I guess tourism draws in more money than authenticity.

One of a few ponds on the way to Angkor Thom.

Local housing within the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Crossing the causeway to Angkor Thom city. This was the capital of the Khmer empire, and is way bigger than Angkor Wat city, though it’s still not the biggest in the empire.

Dropping me off at Bayon while the driver tells me he will wait at another part of Angkor Thom.

The majestic Bayon. Some say that it is more impressive and beautiful than the touristy Angkor Wat, and I agree, even before entering the temple complex.

The ruins at the front of the temple.

There are some beheaded statues here too, but luckily some remained intact either through restoration from returned heads or originally left untouched.

One of the courtyards of Bayon.

Another corridor within a wall. Note the lack of wooden steps on the thresholds.

There are some paths with uneven flooring as well, but this makes the visit more authentic.

A resident monkey climbing back to the temple after a visit to the forest.

Another statue in tact around the corner of a corridor.

Another view of Bayon.

Walking north to the central parts of Angkor Thom, and also towards my waiting tuk tuk.

Walking through the Terrace of the Elephants.

Baphuon temple, which I did not visit.

Continuing along the Terrace of the Elephants.

Looking east towards Victory Way. Behind me is Phimeanakas, which I also opted not to visit.

Part of the Terrace of the Elephants.

Next stop: Thommanon & Chau Say Tevoda


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