Day 7: Sightseeing at Bajra Sandhi Monument & Sanur

Because my Uber driver the day before was a friendly chap, I decided to ask him if he would be willing to drive me around for a few hours before I departed from Bali, to which he agreed at a price of Rp 300,000, which was lower than UberTrip.

However, for the safety of the both of us, I will not be revealing his identity.

Bajra Sandhi Monument

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is a huge landmark in Denpasar, displaying various historical dioramas of the people’s past struggle for Independence. Honestly though, I didn’t know what this was initially and just requested to come here because it looked important on Google Maps.

The monument was surrounded by a park with nicely trimmed trees and grass fields.

Finally found the main entrance, with a couple having their wedding photoshoot.

It costs Rp 50,000 to enter the monument, which I didn’t pay for since I was satisfied just seeing it from outside.

Below the monument, there’s a new IAM BALI, or Interactive Art Museum Bali which is similar to many trick eye museums around the world now.

Walking back to the car.

Heading on to Sanur for a local lunch as recommended by my driver.

Sanur Beach

There’s an entrance fee of Rp 5,000 for entry and parking in this area, payable to the guys standing before the entrance to the beach area.

Since the recommended place was crowded at that time, we opted for something else a couple of minutes away, but I managed to get down for about a minute to get these shots of Sanur Beach while he turns the car around in the car park jam.

After lunch, we headed to the spot which I wanted to go to the most in Bali – Melasti Beach.

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