Day 7: Sightseeing at Melasti Beach – The Southernmost Point of Bali

I don’t usually desperately want to go to beaches, but when I do, it probably means something important to me.

Pantai Melasti or Melasti Beach is a lesser known beach in Bali, since it doesn’t have any great sunrise or sunset views as it faces south, but it has one main feature which makes it of key importance for my trip to Bali – a spit from the beach, making it the southernmost point of Bali island.

From Kota Denpasar, the fastest way to get to the southern areas such as Nusa Dua, Uluwate and Melasti Beach is by the Bali Mandara Toll Road.

My driver pointed out to me a little Hindu shrine in the Benoa bay which fishermen go to pray to before they set sail and again when they come back to give thanks for a good catch.

The many fishing vessels at Benoa.

Coasting along the well-built highway above the water. In fact, this was probably the fastest I’ve travelled on roads in Indonesia.

But after the highway, it was back to reality.

Reality is great though.

Reality is full of surprises.

Reality gave way to this amazing view.

This feels like somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. Well, it’s technically kind of near there anyway.

Melasti Beach

I don’t usually feel this, but it felt great to be here. But I probably don’t want to waste time just standing around because 1. my driver is waiting and 2. I have a flight to catch.

Some snacks and drinks are available here too, though I didn’t buy any. The stallholders were not even anything close to pushy though, even when I walked past really near to their stall.

Finally, the southernmost point of Bali is in sight.

The Paduraksa of Melasti Beach.

The end is in sight.

There’s a nice man-made area before this point with free toilets, so use it if you see it – it’s probably the only one around this area.

Walking to the end of the spit.

A local fisherman at the eastern edge of this rock form.

I wasn’t him so this is as south as I made it. Anything further and it’s Australia from here.

There are no regular overland routes from Indonesia to Australia. The closest thing you can get is probably an occasional cruise to Fremantle or Darwin departing from Marina Bay Cruise Centre or Benoa Port.

I would have went further if not for the risk of cracking open my camera and my skull.

The final rock I stepped on before I headed back.

From York, Sheffield, London, and et cetera all the way down here.

This is it – London to Singapore to Bali overland is completed.

Here’s another shot with the shadow of my head on it so you can see which rock I was referring to.

Looking back north to everywhere I’ve been overland without flying.

A last look at the spot I stood. Didn’t really want to leave by this time though.

Hope you get a good catch bro.

You too.

Not the most fun job to be a fisherman around here.

Returning to the car.

Another wedding photoshoot here.

Goodbye Melasti Beach. Will definitely be back here again if I visit Bali.

From here, it’s a short drive up to Melasti Cliff.

The stairs up to the cliff.

I was pretty disappointed by the view from this cliff though, I thought it might have been something similar to the one in Cassis but oh well. Better learn to keep my expectations realistic.

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