Downtown Line Stage 3 • A New Alternative for Changi Airport Access

The Downtown Line Stage 3 comprises of 16 stations from the city to the east, with the new terminus of the line at Expo Interchange. Most of the line runs parallel to the north of the East West Line, relieving some load off the latter. With Expo being an interchange station with the East West Line’s Changi Airport Extension, the completed Downtown Line running between Bukit Panjang and Expo with a loop around the city offers a new rail alternative to and from Changi Airport.

Transfers between the Downtown Line and the East West Line is seamless with a subway link connecting the two stations within the paid area. Just follow the signs towards the East West Line or Downtown Line, depending on which direction you are heading in.

The subway link connects to the existing paid concourse of the East West Line’s Expo station.

If you are transferring from the East West Line to the Downtown Line, the signs are clearly posted as well.

What may slow you down during the journey though, is the waiting time for the East West Line train to and from the airport, with the Changi Airport Extension operating at a slower frequency of 7 to 12 minutes.

The travel time between Expo and Changi Airport takes just 5 minutes.

Changi Airport MRT Station links directly to Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

If you are heading to…

Terminal 1: Take the exit to either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 Departures Level and transfer to the Skytrain to Terminal 1.
Terminal 2: Take the exit to Terminal 2.
Terminal 3: Take the exit to Terminal 3.
Terminal 4: Take the exit to Terminal 2 Arrivals Level and transfer to the T4 Free Shuttle Bus Service to Terminal 4.

From here, I headed to check-in for my Malindo flight to KL.

Bonus Hack!

Get from Terminal 4 directly to the Downtown Line

Instead of getting on the T4 Free Shuttle Bus Service to Terminal 2 and change to the East West Line to Expo Interchange and change again for the Downtown Line, you can take SBSTransit Bus Service 24 directly to Upper Changi MRT Station.

The T4 Bus Stand is located across the road from the terminal, which is accessible by an underpass from T4 Arrivals Level.

SBSTransit Bus Service 24 from Terminal 4 to Upper Changi MRT Station departs from the first berth of the T4 Bus Stand. The journey takes around 15 minutes.

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